31 oktober 2016

Our obstacles, Gods plan in disguise.

My precious friend was struggling with her driving license. It took longer time to complete than she expected even though in Thailand. The weather, the queues … there were always something in the way.

She shared this with me, and said- I complained to the Lord when she heard Him say.-Because I have a job for you to do.
Next time when she stood in line for her driving test, the lady in front of  her showed so much fear, she was trembling all over. Lampuang asked her if she could pray for her that she would have peace and asked if she had heard about Jesus.  No she had never heard, and Lampuang shared simply about Jesus and  spoke to fear to go in the name of Jesus and asked for peace to come.

Suddenly all the fear was gone and Lampuang  asked her – would you like to invite Jesus as Lord and Savior and they stood there in line to take the driving test and this lady says YES to Jesus and then goes to take her test and did brilliantly.
It is so much fun to see disciples follow Jesus.  
A thought: Sometimes our obstacles are there because God has something good in mind.

Not me first but His Kingdom comes first. Not my will but Yours be done!
With Love

29 oktober 2016

Pray for Thailand

We are doing well in Ubon-Pakse. There are many things to do and we are very happy for the progress of the work.

People, yes we all, are very much effected of the death of the King. He was much beloved and a father of the nation. We are now wearing black and white  cloths for one year. 

17 oktober 2016

Pray for Thailand

Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away at Siriraj Hospital the 13th October 2016. Adulyadej was a good King for 70 years. We stand with the Thai people in mourning.  You can follow more on: http://www.bangkokpost.com/

One year of mourning is announced and people are mainly wearing black and white cloths. Several TV stations are sending programs in Black and white. Public chanting is more and more heard. 

Last year 5th December Thailand had a big program: 

Let`s pray for Thailand. For all who now are missing the King, a "father figure". 

Now is the time for all fathers and grand fathers to step up and pray many will find that our Heavenly Father is standing right here waiting for them... to come home. Ingvar

12 oktober 2016

My Track Record

It is important to never forget that my Track Record (for good or for bad) will speak throughout the whole life. Although I do not intend to seek a top job in a company, church, society or in politics, I shall never believe that things said and done in times of hardship, as a joke, or during time of loneliness will be quiet.

Some people try to correct the bad Track Record with money (= bribe), trying to delete hard drives, blame others, restart or try to run away from the reality. But these "tricks" also will be possible to read in my Track Record.

In the "world" it is easy to be either honored or beheaded. And "the world" loves to "hunt" love affairs, money and alcohol/drugs.
But in the Kingdom of God we can enter a "higher" way. When we become disciples of Jesus:

a) We glorify God for all the good we have done .
b) We walk on the Jesus way of healing for all that have been broken: This way includes repentance, humility, forgiveness, justice, and mercy.

Much can be said on the topic My Track Record. I love the words of Isaiah 26:12
Many more than I realize are reading carefully my Track Record ... even here in Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar

6 oktober 2016

.... Phace 3.

Life has many chapters. Three of them for us missionaries are:

Phase 1. The first 3-4 years in a new place, everything feels new and exciting. A honeymoon has arrived. People, streets, shops, nature, culture, church, food, job +++  everything feels amazing and exciting. And in this all I believe 100% that: "I have what it takes to make a difference in this place" "I can work hard and I can bring in new missionary models". All will be good and the Kingdom of God will grow rapidly.

Phase 2. After 4 years or so, I feel at home. The honeymoon is over and the “ordinary” life takes over for me personally but also in my relationship with others. I start to see the ordinary life the people of the land are living in. And it is tougher than I first thought. I start to realize that the most important thing in this place is not all I can do, my title, my knowledge, my effort, my programs and my money. I realize I do not have what it takes to see a transformation in the Church and in society. Something more, higher and deeper is required. The question: "Is it better that I give up?"  And look for something new and exiting again ?

At this point we have a big choose to make: To stay or to leave.

But when we  choose to stay the Phase 3 comes as a deliverance. I find that it is God's presence and with God's actions the situation can change from within. I hear again the words of God himself:
So the key is:      We walk heart-to-heart with God and with the people
                        We trust God to do a mighty work heart-to-heart among us  …  from within.
                     And whatever You Lord ask us to do…. we will do it all with Your power.

God I follow you heart-to-heart today: I expect you to do miracles and many might works in Ubon. 
Heartly greetings from Ingvar at Soi 11 Chayangkun Road Ubon