24 december 2016

Blessed Christmas and New Year

                                  We wish You All
                                     a Meaningful
                                    Christmas 2016
                                                      a Blessed Year 2017

Dear friends,

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  We are now after 5 years celebrating Christmas in Sweden. Feels so good to be closer to family.

We look back on a very good Pioneer year 2016 in Ubon-Pakse. The three projects:

are growing and developing. We are grateful for all dedicated coworkers. We were in Ubon-Pakse from October to November 2016, planning to be there Feb and March 2017 and move back to Ubon July 2017.

Thanks for participating, visits and praying for us and the projects.

God Bless you all from heaven…with Christ in the Centre.
 Ingvar & Anna Fredriksson

13 december 2016

Many are praying for you!

Sometimes we can wake up in the morning with many questions: What will happen today? And sometimes we walk up with great happiness; What an exciting day ahead.

This morning I woke up hearing: Many are praying for you. I took it as a message from God himself, who hears all of our prayers.

Thank you all who are praying for us today. Your prayers are lifting and en encouraging us.

Ingvar (now 4 days travelling in Sweden)

15 november 2016

Welcomed immigrant

Yesterday Anna and I went to the Immigration and received our 1 year visa. Even if we had
all the papers …. we had a taste of how it is to be an immigrant. You never know how you will be treated. We have over the years met hard government officials in different countries always asking for more papers but also those who have been very very friendly and helpful.
Not until the stamp is in passport and in the Work Permit book do you know if you will be able to stay and continue the work or not.

Yesterday, the government officials treated us with the greatest possible kindness. Not a question. We got the feeling that they think they are doing a merit by helping us. In Thailand missionaries have a great Good Will and honor. Pray that we in all can live up to that.

Our job description is: Missionary. To preach the gospel and teach the Christian religion. Thank you Jesus for the mission you and the Thai Authorities have given us. And thank you dear Thais that you are welcoming us so warmly.

We walked out of the Thai Immigration today, grateful for the call of God and the kindness of the Thai people.

I hope and pray that immigrants to Sweden feel the same warm welcome coming to Sweden. Ingvar

9 november 2016

Frogs, boardmeeting and failed homevisit.

Had an interesting day.
 Wanting to cool down the room before the board members come, we just heard a rumble in the AC compressor. And it came to a stop. Ingvar found a dead frog and another alive escaped from there. But the compressor doesn't want to start now.

Grateful for a Boardmeeting today in the tune of joy and gratefulness. I said to our staff yesterday that, yes writing reports might be boring and timeconsuming, but usually we are encouraged when we look at what has happened the last six months.

Grateful for all the hard work of the Child Safe Community team. And for the open doors and cooperation with schools, local community leaders, churches and government. All for the sake of the children of Isaan.   We've seen the team recently add new members who bring with them talents and skills we have been lacking. Isaan has a special music and song culture. It is important to reach the heart of  the people. Combining songs and rythm to the awareness program is so good.

N&GC (New and Growing Churches)
Grateful for the heart of unity in the group of pioneer workers and to see their humility and willingness to reach across the denominational boundaries. We had purposed to ''strengthen feeble knees and weak hands'' and the feedback we get is that these gatherings means a lot to many who otherwise would have given up and left Isaan.

Today we visited a home. We had been asked to help a young mother who has prostituted herself and is in a bad shape. Family fears for her sanity and she hasn't been able to leave the house for quite some time. Is battling a demonic darkness.  But today we missed her by a few minutes.
Jesus came to set free, those who are bound by the power of darkness. Love is our most powerful tool. We will be back.



5 november 2016

...... give thanks...

 ......in everything give thanks..... 

1 Thessalonians 5:18

31 oktober 2016

Our obstacles, Gods plan in disguise.

My precious friend was struggling with her driving license. It took longer time to complete than she expected even though in Thailand. The weather, the queues … there were always something in the way.

She shared this with me, and said- I complained to the Lord when she heard Him say.-Because I have a job for you to do.
Next time when she stood in line for her driving test, the lady in front of  her showed so much fear, she was trembling all over. Lampuang asked her if she could pray for her that she would have peace and asked if she had heard about Jesus.  No she had never heard, and Lampuang shared simply about Jesus and  spoke to fear to go in the name of Jesus and asked for peace to come.

Suddenly all the fear was gone and Lampuang  asked her – would you like to invite Jesus as Lord and Savior and they stood there in line to take the driving test and this lady says YES to Jesus and then goes to take her test and did brilliantly.
It is so much fun to see disciples follow Jesus.  
A thought: Sometimes our obstacles are there because God has something good in mind.

Not me first but His Kingdom comes first. Not my will but Yours be done!
With Love

29 oktober 2016

Pray for Thailand

We are doing well in Ubon-Pakse. There are many things to do and we are very happy for the progress of the work.

People, yes we all, are very much effected of the death of the King. He was much beloved and a father of the nation. We are now wearing black and white  cloths for one year. 

17 oktober 2016

Pray for Thailand

Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away at Siriraj Hospital the 13th October 2016. Adulyadej was a good King for 70 years. We stand with the Thai people in mourning.  You can follow more on: http://www.bangkokpost.com/

One year of mourning is announced and people are mainly wearing black and white cloths. Several TV stations are sending programs in Black and white. Public chanting is more and more heard. 

Last year 5th December Thailand had a big program: 

Let`s pray for Thailand. For all who now are missing the King, a "father figure". 

Now is the time for all fathers and grand fathers to step up and pray many will find that our Heavenly Father is standing right here waiting for them... to come home. Ingvar

12 oktober 2016

My Track Record

It is important to never forget that my Track Record (for good or for bad) will speak throughout the whole life. Although I do not intend to seek a top job in a company, church, society or in politics, I shall never believe that things said and done in times of hardship, as a joke, or during time of loneliness will be quiet.

Some people try to correct the bad Track Record with money (= bribe), trying to delete hard drives, blame others, restart or try to run away from the reality. But these "tricks" also will be possible to read in my Track Record.

In the "world" it is easy to be either honored or beheaded. And "the world" loves to "hunt" love affairs, money and alcohol/drugs.
But in the Kingdom of God we can enter a "higher" way. When we become disciples of Jesus:

a) We glorify God for all the good we have done .
b) We walk on the Jesus way of healing for all that have been broken: This way includes repentance, humility, forgiveness, justice, and mercy.

Much can be said on the topic My Track Record. I love the words of Isaiah 26:12
Many more than I realize are reading carefully my Track Record ... even here in Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar

6 oktober 2016

.... Phace 3.

Life has many chapters. Three of them for us missionaries are:

Phase 1. The first 3-4 years in a new place, everything feels new and exciting. A honeymoon has arrived. People, streets, shops, nature, culture, church, food, job +++  everything feels amazing and exciting. And in this all I believe 100% that: "I have what it takes to make a difference in this place" "I can work hard and I can bring in new missionary models". All will be good and the Kingdom of God will grow rapidly.

Phase 2. After 4 years or so, I feel at home. The honeymoon is over and the “ordinary” life takes over for me personally but also in my relationship with others. I start to see the ordinary life the people of the land are living in. And it is tougher than I first thought. I start to realize that the most important thing in this place is not all I can do, my title, my knowledge, my effort, my programs and my money. I realize I do not have what it takes to see a transformation in the Church and in society. Something more, higher and deeper is required. The question: "Is it better that I give up?"  And look for something new and exiting again ?

At this point we have a big choose to make: To stay or to leave.

But when we  choose to stay the Phase 3 comes as a deliverance. I find that it is God's presence and with God's actions the situation can change from within. I hear again the words of God himself:
So the key is:      We walk heart-to-heart with God and with the people
                        We trust God to do a mighty work heart-to-heart among us  …  from within.
                     And whatever You Lord ask us to do…. we will do it all with Your power.

God I follow you heart-to-heart today: I expect you to do miracles and many might works in Ubon. 
Heartly greetings from Ingvar at Soi 11 Chayangkun Road Ubon

20 september 2016

New Chapter

Yesterday I came home to Ubon. We had a very good time at home in Bleket with all individuals, churches, businesses ..plus plus plus. Mission always enriches life.

Anna comes after the 17th of October. This autumn I am in Ubon-Pakse 2 months and Anna 6 weeks. But of course we are also working much with Ubon-Pakse when we are in Sweden.

Many are longing and praying of being more and more involved in Missions. but:
1) it has to be in partnership where the work here and work there enriches each other
2) the supporters has to know 100% that the money reaches the purpose it`s given to. No one is  any longer a "blind donor".

Now we take the next step forward in Ubon-Pakse. We do not go alone. God is with us and ..... we have many dear friends standing with us in prayer and support. Thank you all for your participation. Please write to us. You can get more info at 

I like new Chapters in Life..... when God leads. Ingvar

14 september 2016

Turn on Worship

Often we need to be reminded: Turn on praise and worship!

When anxiety and fear wants to take over, when the thoughts wants to run away, when stress or frustration is attacking us..... when ... when .... worship is a wonderful "key".

Today, I need God's help. I need the peace of God ... yes, I need an open heaven.

Thank you Lord for the heavenly worship right into my everyday life. Ingvar

27 augusti 2016

10 good weeks

We are doing very well. These 10 weeks we are visiting 13 Churches that are supporting us. So good to meet them and experiance God`s amazsing goodness. And the blessing to serve God and people together in missions. Yesterday and today we are in Vintrosa.

10 augusti 2016

God will make a way ..... today

We can look back on the good old days and try to live … like we did in the past. 
We can have good dreams and try to live ….. in the future.
But we must not forget to live today even if today can be hard. There is a larger perspective.

Yes .... He will make a way. 

And God himself will both show the way and join us on our walk. WOOW .... our Lord and creator holds the brush. Ingvar


2 augusti 2016

New Chapter has started

Life has different chapters. Last Sunday one 41 years and 7 months chapter ended: Being InterAct paid missionaries. We started as local staff in Bangladesh 1st January 1975 and later in 1975 we became ÖM Missionaries.

Thank you all for creative and blessed cooperation with you all. We have seen the Kingdom of God grow together in many places and in many countries. 
Since August 1, 2016, we are no longer InterAct paid missionaries. God`s calling and leading is still there for us in this pioneer work. We believe God has a plan and that he wants us to move forward for yet some years in Ubon-Pakse.

The development of the work in Ubon-Pakse is exciting. We see several very positive signs of progress in this new pioneering work.

     Side-by-Side ... we will reach further....

 Let`s keep in touch. Thank you for your prayers. Ingvar & Anna

22 juli 2016

Encounter with ....

For 2 days ago we went to Sjöviksgården. This was my (Ingvar) first visit to Anna`s spiritual birthplace. It was here, 13 years old, she received Jesus as her personal Lord.  

Anna shared with 
Vänersborg Baptistförsamling with much thankfulness and exitment what happend just here for 51 years ago. We are, these days, very happy to visit all churches and individuals. 

To have personal encounters with Father God is wonderful and important. Several with Muslim background also wanted to meet their loving Father God. They have grown up with a lots of threats and belief that God is angry with them and out to punish them.

We were encouraged yesterday by all good "roots" we have. At the same time we enjoy helping others to discover all the good the Lord has for them.

To have encounters with our living Jesus is exiting. Ingvar

12 juli 2016

Going forward

We are now in Sweden, Ingvar 2 months and Anna 3 months. Good to meet our children with families, other relatives and Churches. Thank you for praying for us. We have many open doors. 

The work is continuing in Ubon-Pakse with a wonderful team and other volunteers.  

Happy to see their dedication. Ingvar

24 juni 2016

We had a very good Pioneer Fellowship meeting yesterday. Today we came to Sweden for 2 1/2 months. The work in Ubon-Pakse will continue as usual. You can contact us over E-mail, Skype, fb, line or call us on +46 767 918181(Anna) or +46 767 918182(Fred). Be blessed. Ingvar

19 juni 2016

Encouragement to start .... they do it best.

All places are unique. Therefore, it is best to train others, who train others, who ...... This is undoubtedly providing the best result. Then the local people can best help their own people. Yesterday we got two photos from "others training others":

One photo is from Isaan and one is from Laos. Anna and I were not there. Locals can do it best. 

But they need some help and encouragement to get started. And sometimes we just say and trust them with: You can do it. Ingvar

9 juni 2016

Anna + 2 in the South.

Anna, Lamuang and Pling (Lampuang daughter) has today gone to teach and serve 8 days in southern Thailand. I'm in Ubon .... and today it's Pastors Prayer Meeting plus I will be with CSC and visit a place where children suffer. Ingvar

6 juni 2016

The best country in the world!

Yesterday was our National day.
We have lived more in other countries than in Sweden. But still we believe Sweden is the best. We are not living in Asia of any other reason than because of God's calling. God bless Sweden.

28 maj 2016

Ps 23... and the whole Bible for the whole life.

Over the years, life can become complicated. We can take on many different "burdens". Physical, mental and spiritual. Then it's just wonderful to again and again return to the basics.

Psalms 23

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 
3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,
   for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. 

Yes ... this truth (and the whole Bible) applies throughout life. Have a great weekend blessed by Psalm 23. Ingvar

24 maj 2016

Making firm the feeble knees

It is now little over 2 years  since we started ‘’National Pioneer Workers Fellowship’’ here in Ubon.
Serving those who have a heart for Planting Churches.  Our vision was to build and strengthen their lives, encourage and create a safe and loving place where they can ask for prayer and share their struggles. We want them to share what works and what doesn’t here in Isaan, so that they can cross pollinate.

The interest has grown and we are outgrowing our facilities. But it is not the numbers we seek. We are looking for what it can have meant in the lives of those whom we serve.
The area has been known for ‘’discouraged ministers’’ and  ‘’aborted ministries’’ .   

I can hear Jom is preparing for the worship downstairs and others are preparing some fruit and refreshments, and I have joy in my heart  knowing that soon I will meet around 35-40 precious servants of God and I expect that God has some good fresh bread for them so that they will be refreshed and that we can be a little part of ’’ strengthening the weak hands and make firm the feeble knees’’ Is 35:3.
Love Anna

21 maj 2016

Can I count on you even .......?

For good and for bad we learn from school that life is full of testings. Some are wrestling constantly with their "Baggage," their daily living and their future.

They are tested themselves and also like to test both God and man. "Are you standing by my side .... even after all I've done?"

In life we build TRUST between each other and it can take time, so to speak ..... from both sides. Many here in Isaan are tested and are testing others. Can we count on you?

On Friday, Anna and the Tree of Life team had a very good day ..in a work that we are cooperating with outside Ubon.
It was the first time that these leaders sat down and ..... studying how to become free and ... how to help others to live in freedom.

So, dear Blog friends, we all must be prepared that there are people in our midst that are growing but at the same time asking: Can I count on you even though ...?

The Good News is that with an open heart we can always count on The Holy Spirit to be our: Called-along-side-friend. 


7 maj 2016


Life contains of many small steps. Life is a journey, not big jumps. Acts 12 describes this very well. The congregation prayed and we see how:

God acts
Peter follows
God acts

In verse 10 we read: "..... they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord.." This of its own accord is from the Greek 'automate' = automatically. 

God is the master of opening iron doors (and glass doors) that we ourselves can not open. But the question is: Do we dare to approach a closed door? Take steps forward ... even though the door is closed.
Do we dare to go through even if we ourself are not controlling the openings and the closings?
And for us serving here in Ubon-Pakse it is our goal 

  • to dare to go forward
  • and to dare to challenge others to go forward                                                                  
  • It is not I who keeps the handle. This is the Kingdom of God.

... even if I am not controlling the door handle. Because this is the Kingdom of God. Ingvar(Fred)