28 maj 2021

JESUS can teach me.

Jesus has something I need. I have to come to Him and in His presence he only can teach me. And I will find rest and safety. 

We can and should teach each other. In Living Worship, in sharing the Word of God and in the Fellowship in the BODY, Jesus can teach me, what only He can teach.  

Yesterday I visited on church member. I was asked: Should you also take the Chinese Sinovac vaccine?

We talked for a while about different forces that are now tying to take power over us such as; fear, discouragement, isolation, confusion and power struggle.

We came to the conclusion: 
That when we have money, they must not be our Lord and protector.                Jesus is our Lord and protector No. 1 even though we have money.

That when we get the covid-1 vaccine it is not our Lord and protector. '          Jesus is our Lord and Protector No. 1. even though we have been vaccinated.

Anna and I chose in 2020 that only I should go to Sweden. I was blessed to spend Aug-Sep 2020 in Sweden. 

And now in 2021 we have decided that  

         Anna will be in Sweden June 17 - September 7. 

           If I can, I'll come to Sweden in Sept-Oct.

She will be blessed... and bless many.                                                                      

Have a blessed weekend. 

Ingvar (Fred)

21 maj 2021

Inside and Outside ..... both are needed

We have 3 important truth ... for a time such as this.


 These days we are happy we can distribut food and educational material for Children and teens. Thank you all of you that has made this possible with extra gifts. 
Also today we have had a very good service,
                                 Be with us. Click here.
                                                And click here; 

Have a Blessed Pentcostal weekend. Ingvar (Fred) 

12 maj 2021

Losing the power to even ask for help.

I grew up in Dalsland, Sweden. Those days this area of Sweden had a strong "Going spirit". The Churches were a good breeding ground for people to become both active Christians and successful businessmen. To give-up was not on the map. Everyone had "I have a Dream" spirit. They had an AIM. All challenges were faced with great zeal to come through alone or to ask others for help and advice.

I have found over the years that

1.  Some people have an AIM, a 'going spirit' and longing for expansion and                 improvement. They are often humble, hardworking and can easily forgive.

2.  Some people are going with the flow. They are often easy going and can   easily change direction, according to the strongest flow around them.  

3.  Some people have given up and even lost the power to ask for help or   advice. Thy have no agenda and can even feel happy to take more and more   loans for covering even their living costs.


Until my MC accident for 12 years ago I had no idea about the group no. 3. At that time I also lost my power even to ask for help and advice. This experience was terrible. But it was very important for me to experience how it feels to be in stage Nr 3. 

During this present Corona pandemic many have given up. It is important that we followers of JESUS stand up and share the Good News. "I have a dream.....". I have a wonderful God-Planned-Destiny with God and with others.

 Anna and I have been blessed by following song. Pioneer. Klick here.

              But your Father in heaven, He is glad you can go
                  Cause those who come after you will need the road




3 maj 2021

Update from us.


My experience is that during worship God speaks and touches, in a mighty way. Last Friday during worship these words became clear to me:

Often we think:   I have hindrances ,,,, so I cannot serve God.                                                     I have problems ,,,,,,, so I cannot be happy.                                                       Here is darkness,,,,,,, so I cannot shine.

No No No ….

The Light is always and everywhere much stronger than darkness.                                       Let us always shine JESUS before men.

God is much stronger than our hinderances.                                                                             All the ”Walls of Jerico” have to fall, sooner or later.

Whatever has happened in the past, God is much stronger than our problems.      I can be happy in any circumstance.

                    Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!                      

The last 14 months very few here in Thailand och Laos have had Covid-19, but many have been suffering economically, due to that people here cannot go to the Tourist places and work.

2019 Thailand had 39,8 millions foreign tourists. 2020 very few.                      2019 Laos had         4,6 millions foreign tourists. 2020 very few. 

During the last 30-40 years we missionaries have been able to travel asy and quick to many mission fields on the tourist-vave. Now with this New Normal, we can travel, but it is much more complicated.  So, now is time to be on-place missionaries.   

The last 14 months Thailand and Laos have been closing their borders. Only way to come in is via a 14 days qaranteen in Bangkok. Now the Covid-19 is spreading. Thailand and Laos have been able to buy very little vaccine.

                              Info about Thailand.  

                                      Last updated: May 01, 2021                                               THAILAND SITUATION   Feb 2020 to 1 May 2021

Population69.63 million (2019)

·       Total cases:              67,044

·       Recovered:               38,075

·       Daily New Cases:       1,891

·       Deaths:                          224

·       Rank:                             102

                                              Info about Laos                                                                                      Population7.169 million (2019)

From Feb 2020 to May 03, 2021

Coronavirus Cases:







Laos had 112 new cases on May 2, taking the total to 933.

Pray with us that Thailand and Laos will not impose a lot of Lockdowns. The poor people will suffer, even more.

Now is the school summer holiday up to 1 June, or more. We have started to give food & activity packs to the families with children and teenagers calling it: Kids in Crisis. (Barn i Kris).

Listen to the Steams of Grace Ubon yesterday. Good worship and Anna`s teaching blssed us much. Klick here.

Have a good week. Ingvar (Fred)