27 september 2014

2:nd Pioneer Fellowship Day

We had a very good day yesterday with the Pioneers Fellowship Day from 9:00 - 15:00.
A total of 22 people attended: 17 Thai, 2 Americans, 1 Korean and 2 Swedes (Anna and me) for:

Exiting to see God calling many to move into church planting. We hope and pray that we can come alongside many more around here in Ubon and also across the river. A few years ago we had a large water project in Sa*lavan, La*os during 9 years. My dream is that we now could help some national pioneer workers … over there. Dreaming this, I am full of joy.

Have a great weekend. Ingvar

18 september 2014

City Builders Isaiah 61:1-4

This morning I was in tears when I opened a sequence of Bill Johnsson teaching on Bethel.tv,teaching titled 'City Builders'  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152698791320930&set=vb.54641600929&type=2&theater

It is so very encouraging for me and for those who have been laboring with us in the ministry of restoration. Loving and walking with the unloveables and the hopeless, honoring them as we are to honor all Gods creation, men and women whatever they have been through. Seeing them raised up to be vessels of honor and strong trees of righteousness. Then being THE ONES whom God is calling to be City Builders. I have loved Isaiah 61: 1-3 and it has been our motto in Tree of Life Ministry, until God 3-4 years ago pointed to Isaiah 61verse 4, and said: This will be their calling.
Thanks Bill Johnson for confirming and Thank you Jesus for prophecying through the lives of many, that this is true.
Today I am shedding tears of joy.
Love Anna

16 september 2014

Coworkers get Coworkers that .....

We are now back home in Ubon after a few days in Bangkok and Anna a few days in Chiang Mai. It was very good to see that The-Kingdom–of-God-presence in the city are rising. I was very happy to Bless the capital and the Bless the Christians of Bangkok.
I met co-workers who has co-workers. Kim is a Karen who has a calling to work with Muslims. Pray for them.

Be Blessed Bangkok …... in order to bless the whole country, including Isaan. Ingvar

6 september 2014


Five days in a class room setting; teaching, praying, ministering and seeing some lights come on in the eyes, some tears, chains being broken and burdens being lifted off. There were good testimonies now but I expect more testimonies to follow.
Today another testimony of the power of prayer and God's  intervention, a drastic change, and hope for one family to be able to do what they are called to do.
We do not always stay long enough to see the fruit. Once in a while it's good to have feedback and to see the fruit. To keep us going.

2 september 2014

Heaven touches earth when we agree with Father God.

This week I am teaching at the DTS of YWAM Ubon. A lovely group of people. Today during my  lesson on the Power of Forgiveness, which I have taught in many nations and many times that I can teach it 'in my sleep', suddenly I understand the agent behind the healings, miracles, restoration of body, soul and spirit and not the least relationships, which is common when someone makes the choice to forgive.

Suddenly the revelation, so simple that I can't understand why I haven't seen the connection before: When we decide to release forgiveness to an offender we are actually AGREEING WITH HEAVEN. We are agreeing with the Word of God. ''Forgive us, as we forgive our debtors.'' Luke 11:4  ''Forgiving one another just as God in Christ forgave you.'' Eph. 4:32. It is our Fathers will.
Agreeing with the Father is; coming in line with Him, submitting to His will. And the power of His grace is released. Heaven is opened. YES!!

I knew Father is pleased when we obey. He is not only pleased. He rejoices. Heaven touches earth and our lives when we agree with Him. I am getting excited.
Love Anna