27 maj 2012

Back home after many good days

I had 18 very good days in Mongolia. In Bangkok I met Anna and we had 2 good days there.

Saturday was the Graduation from High School of Victoria R. Daughter of Peter & Rhode.

Sunday we were part of the new Church called Life Church. Very encouraging.

It was a blessed to meet old and new friends. Most of all to see new churches planted and starting to be a blessing for new believers.

Now I am back in Chiang Mai. Anna is tonight going to Sweden. Have a blessed week. Ingvar

20 maj 2012

Good Church

Yesterday morning, I came to Erdenet by train along with Patrick. I stay now 4 days with Patrick & April and their 2 girls. Good. Patrick is from Tjörn in Sweden, April born in the U.S. and they work with YWAM.

Working with different people (both foreigners and nationals) where we complement and bless each other, is great. Today I spoke in a Church, 50 KM from Erdenet. It was a very good time. I preached about Open Heaven. And I felt the heaven was indeed open.

Greetings from Outer Mongolia. Ingvar

15 maj 2012

We live in Asia

If I would be a new arrival here, there would be many occasions every day to be frustrated or irritated for everything does not function as in our home culture or according to our more well structured lives. But you learn to live with a smile on your lips, a big question mark in the mind and with a prayer int the heart: God Help Me!! 
I started my day buying a plumbers tool for the toilet that hadn't functioned  for a week, and a garbage container for the center as the roaming dogs tare the garbagebags apart, as they are left on the footpath outside the center according to the custom and for the garbage guys to pick them up. When I had delivered the stuff at the center, I decided to work from home today as the aircondition has broken down and my brain worked in slow motion because of the heat we've had for some time. At about 4.30pm I went back to the center, have an appointment with a lady needing help. A thunderstorm hits and the electricity goes off and the time becomes 7pm before I get to know that  she is standing outside my gate at home. I'm closing down the center  and I try to figure out in the dark what switches to turn off . Outside the thunderstorm has stopped(Thank God) and as I drive our MC towards home I'm crying for GREAT GRACE. I had just been reading an article about Great Grace and I knew that's what I need, right now.
And by the way, both the physical as well as the spiritual plumbing went well and for both types Great Grace was needed!
Love Anna

13 maj 2012

Sunday in Bayanhongor

The Church Service today, here in Bayanhongor, was very encouraging. Previously they met in a Geer, but now the congregation (over 200 people) meet in a "normal" building. All ages was there and enjoyed the worship and fellowship.

In the afternoon we visited a place outside Bayanhongor. There the people have not been agriculturing for 20 years, .... until this year. They had been plowing and are now putting up fences, so the animals will not eat up all the good crops. It was easy to talk to these people.

When I sum up today, I can see that when we serve God and people in the congregations and the communities, we see the inner life grow, rebuilding something that has become broken down. Ingvar

9 maj 2012


Today I came to the capital of Mongolia UB = Ulaan Baatar.

I miss my brother Rune this time, who came with me last year to Mongolia. But I find many brothers, sisters and friends everywhere, when I work with Church and Mission. I don`t need to be travelling alone.

The first thing I do when I come to a country (and will stay more than 3-4 days) is to buy a local SIM card = Mobile number. There are two major advantages with this:

a) I don`t need to pay high phone bills due to roaming.
b) And the local coworkers and leaders can reach me by local number.

If you want to reach me up to 24th May use: +976 95915422.

I feel already very much at home in this country. Ingvar