19 september 2010

Not Status quo

We are well and happy. Involved in Church life, mission life and ordinary community life. Many things are going on, these days. Anna wrote yesterday on our Swedish blog:

I'm fascinated by LIFE:- It is something that grows - that is changing, developing.
Life does not rejoice in the status quo;- it hopes- it looks forward- it does not judge something / someone to be hopeless.
Life looks beyond all shortcomings, weaknesses and betrayals,- always sees the potential in people, at the working place, in the church, etc.- Jesus is Life- this life is in us and around us as a living Kingdom of God atmosphere, wherever we are.- it affects, is contagious, touching, it simply gives life wherever we move..
I am now 58 and cannot think of a 'status quo life'. Just the thought of that, creates somthing within me that rises up. Life cannot be locked in and preserved. It must be on the move, forward, our whole life. Love Anna
Have a blessed week. Ingvar