24 oktober 2021

Join us... and be blessed.


We are praising God for the Worship, God`s word through Anna and the Church Fellowship yesterday. Even if you do not speak Thai/Lao join us on Fridays 18:30 (Thai time) and Sundays 10:30 (Thai Time). 

  • We are Open, Simple and Spontaneous. This makes The Holy Spirit happy among us. You too.
  • We are happy to bless you from Streams of Grace Church Ubon. 

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

Yes..... Klick here to join the worship and hear Anna. 

Have a blessed week.

Ingvar (Fred)

16 oktober 2021

"for such a time as this".

Very happy to have Anna home in Ubon after she was 14½ weeks home in Sweden. The 6th Dec to the 23rd Feb I will have 11½ weeks home in Sweden. This is the best solution for the work here in Ubon-Pakse and for our time in Sweden "for such a time as this". Hope to meet you.


10 oktober 2021

My sharing – according to what?


This is not to grade performances. Not to put evaluation on how the worship and sharing during the service is being done. Yes, we all should improve our public speaking and singing as much as possible, but the main matter is that I am in the River sharing from my heart my personal testimony.

After I wrote the book "You walk - I work" it has become more and more clear to me that it is not about  producing a good speech. Not to give a TED talk.  

I think we can put public ministering into 2 categories:     

  • Sharing facts, good thoughts and biblical truth. We are theologically correct.
  • Sharing my personal testimony how God is working in and around me. Applying the Word of God into ordinary living.   

We are all having the treasure in our earthen vessels, but if the vessels becomes Nr 1 … the preaching will be boring. Only when I am part of God's movement, my sharing becomes exiting. And we can bear a lot of fruit.

The style is not the key. To be politically correct and "churchy" correct is not the main issue. Where is the LIFE?

I am so happy to see how we in Streams of Grace Church Ubon have different people sharing with different styles in worship, testimony and preaching.

Lately, I must say, I feel I myself is in the river…. and become exited to flow in Gods flow over Ubon-Pakse.

  • Before the preaching: I am walking with God in my preparation … and He works in me. Specially during the worship before preaching. That time makes the heaven Open.
  • During the preaching: I experience that the river is flowing and …. God has something to say to everyone of us.
  • After preaching: The flow is still available. Even if people don't say anything ….. the living word gives blessing today on Monday, yes many days.  

Worship with us. Klick on: Live Streams of Grace Church Facebook.

The River is flowing Ingvar (Fred)