31 juli 2011

Life is expanding

Visiting people and live with them for some time is exiting. I enjoy being with the local people in the Asian countries and minister together with them. It is truly many differences from people group to people group, but still ……. together with people: Life is expanding.

Today I have been preaching and worshiping together with the local people here in Gorakhpur. I was blessed.
I have now one more day here and after that I have two days in Delhi before I go to Chiang Mai.

To visit a country during monsoon is indeed different, but it is good for me to experience more of their hard days as well. We try to be alongside the people as much as possible and be "need-based", even though the need is greater than what we can meet. When we do what we can and people put their trust in God`s power - things and lives are changed. The God of all comfort is able to tranform lifes, wherever we are. I put in some pictures from a Leprosy project i visited yesterday. Ingvar

27 juli 2011

Weather seasons and mood seasons

We have been in India, and the countries around here, any time of the year, but the last years mainly in October-November or in February-March.

I now realize more than before that as we have the weather seasons, we have also the mood seasons.

It is really true that if you visit Sweden, in Oct- Nov you will find another kind of Swede than in June-July. The same is in India.

But still, I find it very good to be in north India at this time of the year. Good to be alongside the brothers and sisters also at this time of the year when it`s wet, sticky and …… not so easy to work.

I wish many also to be able to visit these countries during the rainy monsoon season to be able to experience this and also to get the opportunity to minister and be alongside, also this type of Indians.

We can bless others also when its cloudy.

24 juli 2011

Now in India

I am now in India 14 days, together with Jonas. He is doing a special research about how best to help poor marginalized children.
Right now we are in Kolkata. Happy to meet many good old friends, and many new good friends. This is truly a place with many people, many children. Ingvar

19 juli 2011

The 1st day on this term

After being in a place before the "Landing" and "Take off” becomes easier and shorter. I came yesterday to Chiang Mai and ... ... everything feels both accustomed and new. I cannot explain how it is that, at the same time, to come back to Chiang Mai and to come forward to Chiang Mai.

The apartment has been on sublet and ... .. it was waiting for me, perfectly in order. Everything was on the "right" place after 14 months away. Woow. Absolutely wonderful.

History played up for me last night. I walked around and saw the photos, paintings and other things that bear witness of everything that has happened. Oh oh, oh, how much I have experienced in the kingdom of God.
The future is around the corner. I cannot help but being enthusiastic for the future. I say this not by habit or to try to be motivated. On our days of preparation in Sweden in June, we prayed for a new couple going to RCA. The Spirit of God came and the prayer became: "God help them to work with the old and with the new, at the same time". The same prayer became valid for myself.

>>>> The old shall not prevent the new.
>>>> And the new shall not prevent the old.

There is room for both and the two can complement each other. Amen!

Between July 21 to August 3, Jonas F and I will be in India. Join us via this blog.

Present. Well .... it is now monsoon rain and sticky weather. And even if I am missing Anna and I'm tired, I cannot stop believing: Mission opens up and becomes a bridge to Life ..... also here. Ingvar

16 juli 2011

New Term

Now it`s time, after 14 month in Sweden, for a new term in Asia. This is our 8th time we start a new term. We started 1973, 38 years ago. I am going tonight to Chiang Mai Thailand and Anna will come 1st October. She will wait for our 5th grandchild. It`s Ruth and Niklas expecting their first child, mid September.
A new term is a challenging, exiting, but also ….. a big responsibility. My prayer is that every e-mail, conversation, teaching and document will be full of God`s glory and Life. Thank you for praying for us. Ingvar