16 januari 2011

I am thankful; I do not need to travel by weelchair.

Yesterday I came into a bus together with one man in a wheelchair. It touched my heart to see him. I felt compaction and …. became again very happy and thankful, that I don`t need to travel in wheelchair. Thank you God, for saving my life for almost 2 years ago. To experiance God`s healing and be able to walk and work. Some came to the hospital February 2009 and said:
  • You will Survive.
  • You will be Rehabilitated.
  • You will come through, Stronger.

It is only grace to experience God`s healing.
I am excited to visit churches these days. Many are very happy to be involved in Mission. Ingvar

4 januari 2011

The Goals ....... and how to reach them

The experiences: 2010 gave us many valuable experiences. We can use them all this year.
The world around us. We need to be part of the society and to looking around us. Even, if there is a change that we can be discouraged. But with God in the midst of the Church and in the midst of the society we have a living hope. And with God`s help and love we can serve and make a great difference also 2011.
Together is the only way to see transformation even in the most darkest and most difficult places.

Goals ...… and the ways to reach them. If we stop setting new and challenging goals, well ….. we become stagnant. If we stop finding ways to the goals we will be discouraged.

With new Goals, and with new ways to reach it, 2011 will be a exiting and blessed year. I am sure. Ingvar