29 december 2011

The Between Days ...... good to have.

We are right now having some Between Days. Between Christmas and New Year. Days which Anna & I have taken off to be with family.

There is a trend nowadays to have smaller and smaller margins. When we travel we calculate that everything will run on time. But the danger is, if we do not put in space here and there:

a) we do not have time to reflect on what has happened.

b) we do not have time to discover what is here and now.

c) we do not have time to plan and prepare for what's to come.

I am a time optimist and ... that does not work always. I should need to make a New Year's resolution: To have more time margins in my life.

Anna and I have right now some good Between Days here in Mondolkiri, surrounded by wide and green hills. Although this is a small provincial town Mariam and Phil has a good Internet connection, so we can keep up with what's happening in the world. Globalization is now reaching the world, with a great speed. Now we can also reach the world with the gospel, with a great speed.

I have realized these Between Days: It's great to live. Now I will go and play with my grandchildren. Ingvar

24 december 2011

Deeper meaning Christmas Day 2011

When I grew up, I felt every Christmas followed the same pattern. At that time, I was happy with that.

After our marriage Dec 9th, 1972 every Christmas has been different, but the content is the same. In fact, when we allow the format to change, the real inside meaning becomes greater.

This Christmas, for us this year in Mondolkiri, has a different form, but the content is the same, even deeper. I love to see how The Kingdom of God can fit into every circumstance, into every culture, also into today’s very complicated Global Cultural set-up as well.

Wherever we are, The Prince of Peace can give us real heavenly peace.
And right here, The Peace of God can rule in our hearts.

This Christmas a “Rhema” has been singing in me.
“Now may the Lord of Peace Himself
continually grant you peace
in every circumstance.

The Lord be with you all.”
2 Thess 3:16

Every Christmas we read in our family the Christmas Narrative story from Luke 2. Also this year. But a new version became popular:


The Good News can be declared today to the Global cultural people… even in Mondolkiri.

Have a blessed Christmas Day 2011 Ingvar

21 december 2011

Our Christmas & New Years letter

Dear Friends, You can now klick on this, and find our Christmas and New Years letter.
“Now may the Lord of Peace Himself
continually grant you peace
in every circumstance.
The Lord be with you all.”

2 Thess 3:16
Ingvar & Anna

17 december 2011

In Mondolkiri

Last Thursday we left the windless city of Chiang Mai and came yesterday to the windy rural town of Mondolkiri, Cambodia, on the Ho Chi Minh trail, along the border to Vietnam. This is a very beautiful place and ...... we enjoy the wind.

First we had the birthday party for Mika. He turned 3. Nice to be with Mariam and her family again.

Today we were at a Christmas party for all Christians. Nice to be with the locals. Many young people came and Mariam said: Many non-Christians were there. Everyone seemed very happy.

A Christian leader (Barnabas M) from Phnom Penh was there. We worked with him for some 20 years ago. One goal I have is: Best to depart as a friends. One day we will meet again.

In The Local Cultural Society - the extended family is very important. To mix the joint family, the work and the faith ... .. is positive. Good for Mariam & Phil occasionally to have part of thir joint family here.

In The Global Cultural Society - the individualistic power is important.

The Kingdom of God helps us, wherever we are, to have value and capacity in ourselves + at the same time belonging together. We need each other.

This morning the boys came to our room. Nice. Ingvar