28 juni 2019

Is it you He sent?

We feel very much at home both in Bleket and in Ubon-Pakse. Now we are in Sweden 10 weeks meeting many people one-by-one and also in bigger gatherings. 

We want to meet and catch-up with many old friends, but also meet many new friends. 

This time of the year many conferances and bigger gatherings takes place in Sweden. And they are growing. We can not attend them all but we are blessed by being there in some of them via Internet.

One growing desire amoung christians is to be involved in reaching out to new people. Be involved in Pioneer work. To find new ways to reach the unreched is hard, but exiting. 

Another day I felt I should visit Kalle a wonderful intersessor and church member. 
When I was sitting there came another man in to Kalle and he told us an quote from late Jeanette another lady in other church. She said once:   
This spoke to me. We might think we come up with good plans, but the begining of many of them is that people are praying and God is acting streingth to them but also sending us to them. 

Have a good weekend.... seeing that God is sending you to many who are crying for help.


21 juni 2019

Answers of Prayer

I enjoy coming together with people of Prayer. Last Monday a group of intercessors meet and we were blessed by Psalms 34.

Often we cry out and God answers us, but ….. we do not see God`s mighty hand. We think it is just something ordinary happening. "God we pray we shall see the work of your mighty hands".

Two years ago we realized that the roof of Tunnelvägen 1 here in Bleket, Sweden has to be changed. But …… how can it be done? This is not a small job.

We started to pray. "God help us". Last year nothing happened, but this year… .."angels" came from Skärhamn, Klädesholmen, Bleket and 15 people from Mantorp.

Thursday last week                                                        Rain
Friday-Saturday during the work.                                   No rain
Sunday                                                                           No rain
Monday compleating the roof.                                        No rain
Tuesday                                                                          Rain

Praise God for this answer of Prayer. This was God`s mighty hand.

Now this summer 2019 there are many Conference in Sweden. Yes Anna and I would love to join them all, but we can't do that. Good that we can participate in some via the web.

Pioneer Mission…. is more relevant than ever. We praise God for all the congregations we meet that have Jesus' heart for pioneer mission. And Ubon-Pakse is unreached needing Pioneer work.

Praying that many broken, unhappy and confused people this summer will meet Jesus. Ingvar