25 september 2011

Member Care, beautiful words. I will use them!

I wrote the word Member Care in an e-mail to a person another day. That person responded with: "And Ingvar, Member Care .... beautiful words. I'll use them!

Sometimes we feel the need is too great, the budget too small and we wonder: Is it best to give up?

No, there is a beautiful word! We can use: Member Care. And it’s in there already in our Christian faith, the Church and in Missions. Let`s use it.

When I visit our various projects, I see clearly how Member Care is there. The persons in the projects and the local churches can cry and give a hug: Heart to Heart. But still more of this “currency” is required.

The man in the picture below, which was in a hospital in Asia 2009, got a lot Member Care. He says:

"I'm glad they were sad."

Member care has a divine “currency”, which is needed more off in today's world. The beauty of Member Care is that it works in there, but ..... it is highly contagious towards those living in the periphery, so even they will say: I will also use them. Then the world will experience God's love. Ingvar

16 september 2011

Good News

Our beloved grandchild No. 5: Emelie Gullan Trygg was born 14:26 on Wednesday.
Grandmother Anna is with Ruth and Niklas in Borås. I can only follow them on a distance from Chiang Mai and ..... pray for them. They came home today Friday, from the hospital and .... all is well. Greetings from a proud grandfather. Ingvar

10 september 2011

Pioneer ..... right here and over there

I am now reading a book on Pioneer work. It gives a good insight and challange into what it is like to be a pioneer. The verb PIONEER means:
1. open up an area or prepare a way
2. take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of

A challenge for us who has received the calling to be pioneers is that it doesn’t end when the work becomes a few years old. No. God's pioneer work provides simultaneously:

a) a stable and functioning local work, right here ....in the old place.
b) And it`s open up doors for new work, over there ..... in new places.

The call to pioneer work in not just once in life, as a young person. No, it concerns us all. I have experienced that pioneering work is tough, but ... it has a very special and fresh blessing. And we need that blessing – the whole life. Ingvar

2 september 2011

Moving on with a song.....

Yesterday I said in my office: I will now go to Sidney!
An immediate response was: Take a photo on The Opera House.

Well, I was going to Pastor Sidney’s house in Chiang Mai.

To connect and Catch Up with people is exiting. I can see that life is not always easy, but … people with a heavenly orchestra within themselves never stops sounding and are ….. always moving on forward.

I returned from Sidney without an Opera House photo, but I got a good song singing in me. Some people always can inspire others to move on and sing too.

God bless people like Sidney and Joy.