31 mars 2012

...... they are moving on.

Today I spoke at the CHC Annual Meeting here in the Mission Centre in Li Tou Shan. I was greatly blessed.

I like to revisit the places where I worked, but also were others have worked. Here have 22 Swedish missionaries from InterAct worked since 1953. I see clearly that what has been done has been a spiritual work. The Kingdom of God has been built and the new and the old, all feel at home.

We have also had a number of Step Out persons here over the years, and they too left have been a good testimony in the society and in the Kingdom of God. Ellen and Blanche were the last. Carpenter's Coffee Bar is a good place to place short termers.

I rejoice to see the CHC, the eagerness to study the Word of God, go ahead and have the good order. The Chinese are really people of order and disciple. God bless them.

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday. Ingvar

24 mars 2012

On the road again

It feels as we have not been on the road for a long time. This pause has been longer than usual. I am leaving Sunday morning, to Chonburi not far from Bangkok for a church camp. We are 4 people teaming up for this camp. Pranee our ex-Tree of Life member has invited us to her home church to speak to 3 groups:The children, the youth and the adults consisting of teachers, caregivers and parents.

My area of teaching: Being safe caregivers, and the family/the church/school- a safe place for the children. The view of the child in Kingdom of God perspective.

Ooy will teach the youth on relationships. And we have borrowed another young lady to teach the children on the rights to be safe (CPP).

As I am preparing my own heart and suitcase, I'm also getting Ingvar's bag ready for his trip to Taiwan. He leaves on Wednesday a couple of hours after my return home.

Well life today has a taste of old days when both of us were on the road.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love Anna

18 mars 2012

Love me for who I am (Part 2)

Step 1. Love me for who I am, is always and will always remains as Step 1, despite of all problems and all brokenness we might have.

I prayed with a man on Sunday and he prayed: "Thank God you do not force me....

"After Step 1 is also Step 2: "Behold I make all things new." This is always determined on our own free will and openness to God's power. It is the love of God that transforms us, not our effort.

It is exciting to see how God loves us unconditionally, he touches us and raises up people from all nations and tribes to use both Step 1 and Step 2.

Tonight we had a blessed time at Tree Of Life. Ingvar.

11 mars 2012

Love me for who I am!

I listened to a song which was written for children with special needs. One sentence sounded like this:

-''Please don't try to fix me

Love me for who I am''.

When I listened to it I was thinking: But this is a need among all of us: To be loved for who we are and not having to endure someone else's pursuit in trying to fix us into something we are not, just to satisfy others.

On the other hand, how easy is it not, in relationship, marriage, in churches to try to fix each other.

God loved me before I said YES to him. He loved me with all my weaknesses, incompleteness, and shortcomings. And He loves me all the way, through failures and brokenness. That's something we ought to learn from Him, in the midst of a world who only looks for perfectness.



4 mars 2012

KG(94) & Greta (82)

Sometimes I look into Facebook. I have many good friends there. But I do not write there as often myself. I refer rather to this blog. It`s a blessing to have good friend, also to be a good friend to others. The whole life is a giving and a taking.

Two of our oldest and very good friends, who do not write on Facebook, but pray for us constantly, are KG (94) & Greta (82). The other day I saw Anna W. with her in-laws. Oh Oh I was very happy. KG & Greta worked with us a few years in Bangladesh and they became spiritual parents for us + many many more. They shared many blessings, back at that time that are still fresh and valid for us even today .... 35 years later. KG was a man of prayer and he always said to us young missionaries in Bangladesh: To do Missions is not a burden or a suffering. No it’s a privilege.
Thanks KG and Greta that you still pray for us. Your mission task is not over, even if you are old and not writing on Facebook or on a blog. Ingvar