29 december 2011

The Between Days ...... good to have.

We are right now having some Between Days. Between Christmas and New Year. Days which Anna & I have taken off to be with family.

There is a trend nowadays to have smaller and smaller margins. When we travel we calculate that everything will run on time. But the danger is, if we do not put in space here and there:

a) we do not have time to reflect on what has happened.

b) we do not have time to discover what is here and now.

c) we do not have time to plan and prepare for what's to come.

I am a time optimist and ... that does not work always. I should need to make a New Year's resolution: To have more time margins in my life.

Anna and I have right now some good Between Days here in Mondolkiri, surrounded by wide and green hills. Although this is a small provincial town Mariam and Phil has a good Internet connection, so we can keep up with what's happening in the world. Globalization is now reaching the world, with a great speed. Now we can also reach the world with the gospel, with a great speed.

I have realized these Between Days: It's great to live. Now I will go and play with my grandchildren. Ingvar

24 december 2011

Deeper meaning Christmas Day 2011

When I grew up, I felt every Christmas followed the same pattern. At that time, I was happy with that.

After our marriage Dec 9th, 1972 every Christmas has been different, but the content is the same. In fact, when we allow the format to change, the real inside meaning becomes greater.

This Christmas, for us this year in Mondolkiri, has a different form, but the content is the same, even deeper. I love to see how The Kingdom of God can fit into every circumstance, into every culture, also into today’s very complicated Global Cultural set-up as well.

Wherever we are, The Prince of Peace can give us real heavenly peace.
And right here, The Peace of God can rule in our hearts.

This Christmas a “Rhema” has been singing in me.
“Now may the Lord of Peace Himself
continually grant you peace
in every circumstance.

The Lord be with you all.”
2 Thess 3:16

Every Christmas we read in our family the Christmas Narrative story from Luke 2. Also this year. But a new version became popular:


The Good News can be declared today to the Global cultural people… even in Mondolkiri.

Have a blessed Christmas Day 2011 Ingvar

21 december 2011

Our Christmas & New Years letter

Dear Friends, You can now klick on this, and find our Christmas and New Years letter.
“Now may the Lord of Peace Himself
continually grant you peace
in every circumstance.
The Lord be with you all.”

2 Thess 3:16
Ingvar & Anna

17 december 2011

In Mondolkiri

Last Thursday we left the windless city of Chiang Mai and came yesterday to the windy rural town of Mondolkiri, Cambodia, on the Ho Chi Minh trail, along the border to Vietnam. This is a very beautiful place and ...... we enjoy the wind.

First we had the birthday party for Mika. He turned 3. Nice to be with Mariam and her family again.

Today we were at a Christmas party for all Christians. Nice to be with the locals. Many young people came and Mariam said: Many non-Christians were there. Everyone seemed very happy.

A Christian leader (Barnabas M) from Phnom Penh was there. We worked with him for some 20 years ago. One goal I have is: Best to depart as a friends. One day we will meet again.

In The Local Cultural Society - the extended family is very important. To mix the joint family, the work and the faith ... .. is positive. Good for Mariam & Phil occasionally to have part of thir joint family here.

In The Global Cultural Society - the individualistic power is important.

The Kingdom of God helps us, wherever we are, to have value and capacity in ourselves + at the same time belonging together. We need each other.

This morning the boys came to our room. Nice. Ingvar

26 november 2011

Under the Juniper tree.

Anna and I are now 2 ½ day in (or should we say under) the new Juniper Tree in Pranburi, south of Hua Hin. The SPM annual meeting is here this year. This is a wonderful place we can recommend. http://www.juniper-tree.org/dolphin-bay.html The name Juniper Tree comes from 1 Kings 19:4 -

Today we will go back up to Bangkok and Anna home to Chiang Mai this evening. I will stay in Bangkok to Monday evening and be involved in the some Flood work.

Today is The 1st Sunday of Advent. The title on this Sunday, according to a Swedish Church calendar is “A year of grace." I like that. Everywhere we go we see the need for God's kind of grace. Not only the human kind of grace, which can be more like “blindness”, but the true Grace of God. This Grace is not head knowledge but ... .. activated in practice for ourselves and for others.

These days we have a Norwegian Pastor who leads us in bible studies. He is good and gives us a big portion of new and fresh grace from God himself.

Under the Juniper Tree (or broom tree) Elijah had an heavenly encounter and had food that strengthen him for 40 days and 40 night. God’s touch and food is indeed powerful. Ingvar

21 november 2011

God shall help her, just at the break of dawn. PS 46:5

The 21st of Nov my final day of visa: There was a call at 7.30 am. Anna, your visa is approved and the documents are on its way, against all odds.
All the clowds of rumors and advice on overstay and pay the fine of 500 bhat/day suddenly just blew away. I had told my Father, please, you know how I feel about overstaying, paying fine etc, it doesn't feel good even if it has become a system approved.
We prayed for favor, received the last number in the line at the Immigration and we were the last out of the building in the afternoon, but with the new visa in hand. Glory!!
It is such a good feeling to have a proper visa, work permit and just feeling welcomed in a nation.
Imagine all the Thanks Father!! coming form my heart yesterday.
Love Anna

20 november 2011

I'll make darkness light and crooked places straight.......

How important is it not, to have a goal, a vision to run towards. If we don't, life is like living in a fog. Having very general goals tends to give us too much space, like a very broad road with no markings to help you know where on the road you should be.
The ministry with Tree of Life drove into a foggy season for a while due to certain circumstances and it was difficult to know how to proceed. The enormous needs are still there, the means and volunteers are there but we couldn't see light for the fog.
Today I have been back in Thailand for 7 weeks and it is not until this last week I feel the fog has lifted so much that I can see where to put my foot down. It feels like I have been standing on one leg for a long time.
Some years ago a good old friend gave me this verse from Isaiah 42:16 which I didn't like, so I put it away on the shelf, until God brought it down to me a few days ago.
'' I will bring the blind by a way they did not know (Who wants to call themselves blind? that is not fun and takes humility to admit. And to lead a blind on unknown ways, must be difficult but not too hard for the Shepherd),
I will lead them in paths they have not know, (much of our wanderings with Tree of Life has been pioneering new things and new ways of working, but the staff and rod of the Shepherd was there to guide and correct ),
I will make darkness light (Yes He did, the fog lifted)
and crooked places straight''(level=Swedish transl.) (Yes that is our prayer just NOW!) In other words, we are absolute dependent on the Shepherd, we must follow Him closely, because He only knows the path we are on.
We just decided upon new suitable and more central premises for the ministry, giving us the opportunity to have an open door to impact the society, which is part of our dream. And having everything under the same roof. Meetinghall, prayer rooms, office and even a place for child care, when the parents come for ministry.Wonderful. I'll place some photos as soon as we've moved in.
With Love

13 november 2011


I have just returned from 19 days working in different projects in India and in Pakistan.

So good to be in the Communities. I enjoy being with the ordinary people in their daily life.... in their society.

So good to be with the Church members. I am always blessed to be in the midst of the Church members. And the Body of Christ is growing these days. The believers are dedicated and ministers, as the Body of Christ.

So good to be in partnership with different National organizations. To see the national organizations rising up as a tool for transformation in the communities and churches, it is encouraging.

And so good to meet and work with all the wonderful leaders. More and more I feel blessed to connect and stand side by side with the national leaders. They have a hard work and ….. very open for partnering as leaders.

I see everywhere and open door of Cooperation with communities, churches, organizations and leaders. We work seriously on developing the partnership and cooperation with these groups in Good Governance, administration and implementation. No one of us wants to be a blind donor, but to be active in full partnership. Ingvar

2 november 2011

Evaluation .... so many are thankful.

Evaluation of the earlier work is really exiting. Everyone is so grateful. Anders H. and I have had 3 fruitful days with EFICOR, who we since 2005 have had two major disaster projects with. After the Tsunami December 26, 2004, we were engaged in relief and rehabilitation in India and in Thailand. Yesterday Anders and I visited MGR Thitu village in Tamil Nadu. What a change since I visited MGR Thitu village in January 2005 and in September 2005.
So good we got involved. Two EFICOR leader said: This work was very much worth doing even if it was a hard work. And I agree 100%.

Did you know that the word Tsunami comes from the Japanese word 津 波, tsunami = "Harbor wave".

Everyone we met so far, has a unique story and ..... I'm glad we can be part of it. Ingvar

26 oktober 2011

7 hearts become One heart in prayer

On Monday evenings a small group of women meets with one agenda, to worship the living God and to hear what is on His heart for the nation. Last Monday I suddenly realized that we were 7 in number and from 7 different nations and probably from as many different churches. I had this feeling that the Lord not only smiled upon these 7 daughters but the His heart leaped for joy. Love Anna

23 oktober 2011

and life goes on....

From worship with 1000+ young people in Mae Tom, to saying farewell to Ingvar tomorrow, who will be in India and Pakistan for 3 weeks evaluating different relief programs and joining the Bojpuri mega-conference in Dehli. So life goes on.
In CM and the ministry of Tree of Life, together we are finding out what steps to take and evaluating the past and the present. How can we best serve with the gifts Father has given us in healing the broken and building a safer community for the young generation.
The needy will always be there, but we only want to go where we see His footprints before us.
Thanks for your prayers for us.
Love Anna

Life is flowing onwards

In my heart I am summarizing the last few weeks. Leaving the new parents and lovely little granddaughter Emelie. What a precious season in life having grandchildren and when you have the chance to enjoy them.
And leaving a nature dressing itself in the most beautiful autumn colors, yellow, orange, red. The forest offering us its harvest of beautiful mushrooms, all for free, just a little exercize and a few hours of cleaning.

As I was leaving the news of a flooded CM reached me, but the day I landed the water had already receded leaving damages for many households, but we were safe. But flooding continues and there is disaster in many district and now even in Bangkok itself
On the 11th of October Ingvar wanted to hold onto his promise to our family: to give mom a dog. Noah, a golden labrador came along and left us again already after 8 days with us. It broke our hearts even if it is just a dog.

The day Noah died I was leaving for Mae Tom, Omkoi district for a youth camp 3 hours drive from CM. This beautiful mountainous area with a beautiful population of majority Karen people.

As my friend and I walked up the stairs to enter the church and heard the worship of more than 1000 young people, and it was like you enter into the throne room of God hearing the worship from angels and tribes of many tongues worship Jesus with all their hearts. All sorrow and sadness just are washed away and there is only one thing that matters. JESUS.
With Love Anna

22 oktober 2011

Flooding in Thailand

Middle of Thailand and in & around Bangkok - are now hit by very serious flooding. The situation there is bad.
For us in Chiang Mai, we have no problem now. I will have to enter the city of Bangkok to recieve a visa on Monday on my way to India. Pray with me that I will have no problem. Ingvar

8 oktober 2011

The wonderful Christian Family

I was this morning writing a short note to an old friend of mine, who is now a Church & Mission leader. And ..… I was filled with heavenly joy for all of them. How many Brothers and Sisters do I have in my family? Woow. I am blessed with many friends.

Some has calculation the world population and say:
The "Day of 5 Billion" was 11 July 1987.
The "Day of 6 Billion" was 12 October 1999.
The "Day of 7 Billion" will be 31 October 2011. May be we are already passed it?

But.... even with more people around, loneliness is increasing these days. In some societies loneliness is like a sickness. Too many are too lonely in the midst of a big crowd of people. Also some in midst of important leadership.

I must say that The Church with its Mission is a wonderful answer to loneliness. God Emmanuel (God with us) can indeed help us to have fellowship with himself and other people.

I look forward to be part of the Christian family this Sunday morning, here in Chiang Mai. Bye bye. I have to get ready to meet them. Ingvar

3 oktober 2011

Back in Asia

It's good to be back together with my beloved. With eyes full of tears and almost speechless, he met me at the airport and a bouquet of roses and other flowers here and there in the flat, with his whole being he was saying ''I really missed you and welcome home''. It feels good to be missed and welcomed. I am so privileged and do not take it for granted.
We have been through many things in our lives together and thank God for each other almost everyday.

So we are off to a new start again. A new term, and little do we know of what is in front of us, but we know we can trust our Maker.
Chiang Mai is just recovering from flooding, and the metrologist are warning for more. Danger is not over until 16-17 October. But we stand on what He says:'' When we pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overflow you.'' Is 43.

Just as water gives life to nature and eventually a harvest, we've just a bit too much at the moment, I pray that this season and this term for us will be have a plentiful harvest.
Love Anna

25 september 2011

Member Care, beautiful words. I will use them!

I wrote the word Member Care in an e-mail to a person another day. That person responded with: "And Ingvar, Member Care .... beautiful words. I'll use them!

Sometimes we feel the need is too great, the budget too small and we wonder: Is it best to give up?

No, there is a beautiful word! We can use: Member Care. And it’s in there already in our Christian faith, the Church and in Missions. Let`s use it.

When I visit our various projects, I see clearly how Member Care is there. The persons in the projects and the local churches can cry and give a hug: Heart to Heart. But still more of this “currency” is required.

The man in the picture below, which was in a hospital in Asia 2009, got a lot Member Care. He says:

"I'm glad they were sad."

Member care has a divine “currency”, which is needed more off in today's world. The beauty of Member Care is that it works in there, but ..... it is highly contagious towards those living in the periphery, so even they will say: I will also use them. Then the world will experience God's love. Ingvar

16 september 2011

Good News

Our beloved grandchild No. 5: Emelie Gullan Trygg was born 14:26 on Wednesday.
Grandmother Anna is with Ruth and Niklas in Borås. I can only follow them on a distance from Chiang Mai and ..... pray for them. They came home today Friday, from the hospital and .... all is well. Greetings from a proud grandfather. Ingvar

10 september 2011

Pioneer ..... right here and over there

I am now reading a book on Pioneer work. It gives a good insight and challange into what it is like to be a pioneer. The verb PIONEER means:
1. open up an area or prepare a way
2. take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of

A challenge for us who has received the calling to be pioneers is that it doesn’t end when the work becomes a few years old. No. God's pioneer work provides simultaneously:

a) a stable and functioning local work, right here ....in the old place.
b) And it`s open up doors for new work, over there ..... in new places.

The call to pioneer work in not just once in life, as a young person. No, it concerns us all. I have experienced that pioneering work is tough, but ... it has a very special and fresh blessing. And we need that blessing – the whole life. Ingvar

2 september 2011

Moving on with a song.....

Yesterday I said in my office: I will now go to Sidney!
An immediate response was: Take a photo on The Opera House.

Well, I was going to Pastor Sidney’s house in Chiang Mai.

To connect and Catch Up with people is exiting. I can see that life is not always easy, but … people with a heavenly orchestra within themselves never stops sounding and are ….. always moving on forward.

I returned from Sidney without an Opera House photo, but I got a good song singing in me. Some people always can inspire others to move on and sing too.

God bless people like Sidney and Joy.


28 augusti 2011

Bless our society ... on all levels

I found the Singapore presidential election Saturday 27th August 2011, very interesting. It`s true that I like to follow elections. One reason is that I find many biblical values highlighted during elections that people are looking for.

I listened at TV news to Dr. Tony Tan Tan. He asked the voters to think who would best represent Singapore, at home and abroad, and who would have the right temperament, character and courage to remain calm at times of turbulence.

I followed also his press conference yesterday. He is clear … and I trust he will become a good president the next six years. Interestingly, he is Anglican and nr 2 in the elections, is a Catholic. The two others, who came 3rd and 4th is not, what I could see, declaring their religion.

Dr. Tony Tan is 71 years old. But still he does not giving up, but wants to give Singporianerna: Confindence For The Future.

I am happy to see that more and more Christians in Asia are becoming good leaders on all levels of the society. We Christians can surely, bless the societies we live in and also the countries as a whole. Ingvar

23 augusti 2011

5 days in the projects

I have just returned from Bangkok, Songkhla, Hat Yai and Phayao. To be active in the projects – on the spot – gives me always joy. Well ….. almost always. There are sometimes problems that give me sadness. But I am also challenged of the mixture of all the plus and all the minus.

The matter is:
1. not where we come from,
2. not where we are
3. but in what direction we are moving.

And together with God and the local people we can have an active Vision: What is the goal? And an active Mission: How do we get there? Ingvar

16 augusti 2011

Hands On.... what is that?

For a few days ago I saw an advertisement:
Take the opportunity to join the Hands-On Conference xx September 2011 in Stockholm.

Many people are isolated and lonely, but they long to be involved. In the Church and in the Missions with all different programs we surely have many opportunities to give good Hands On experiences.

I looked for the meaning of the word Hands-On and got:
hands-on (adj.)
Involving active participation; applied, as opposed to theoretical: "We're involved in hands-on operations, pulling levers, pushing buttons" (Arthur R. Taylor).

We as a mission are constantly working towards a better and better balance between:

  • Theory - Hands On.

  • They are training (helping) us to do the job - We training (helping) them to do the job.

  • We do the work - they do the job.

One thing is certain, to be Hands On in some places is not easy, due to language and culture, but we need everywhere to work on a good and creative balance between the involvement of the nationals and the involvement of the foreigners.

With the Head in the right place (Theory) and the Heart in the right place (Love) we can also have our feet and hands in the right place (Action).

They can do something. I can do something. But the best and fastest will be (in my opinion) when we are Hands On helping the Nationals to be Hands On. Ingvar

14 augusti 2011

To Worship together with the local people.

To be back and worship with the local believers….. that`s Life. Some Christians can travel to other places without meeting the local people in churches. Well… I can`t. I feel like: If I haven’t met local believers, I have not been there.

Now 2 Sundays I have been worshipping at Acts Church in Chiang Mai and meet many good old ….. and new friends. They are in a new very useful building and ….. I was blessed worshiping with them.

For 2 days ago Thailand celebrated Mothers day. And the churches in Thailand is doing it today. So it was a special service today.

Have a good worshipping Sunday. Ingvar

3 augusti 2011

So good leaders!

I'm now back home in Chiang Mai after a lot of travelling. I am missing Anna here, as she is still in Sweden, until our 5th grandchild is born mid September. Our dear son-in-law Phil, has put on a new photo.

To look back on my 13 days in India, I am appreciating most of all the possibility I had to meet and work with very dedicated Indian leaders. They are serving full heartily, have big capacity and love God and the people. I met:

  • Village leaders

  • City leaders

  • Country leaders
I am blessed. I pray that I also have encourage them. Ingvar

31 juli 2011

Life is expanding

Visiting people and live with them for some time is exiting. I enjoy being with the local people in the Asian countries and minister together with them. It is truly many differences from people group to people group, but still ……. together with people: Life is expanding.

Today I have been preaching and worshiping together with the local people here in Gorakhpur. I was blessed.
I have now one more day here and after that I have two days in Delhi before I go to Chiang Mai.

To visit a country during monsoon is indeed different, but it is good for me to experience more of their hard days as well. We try to be alongside the people as much as possible and be "need-based", even though the need is greater than what we can meet. When we do what we can and people put their trust in God`s power - things and lives are changed. The God of all comfort is able to tranform lifes, wherever we are. I put in some pictures from a Leprosy project i visited yesterday. Ingvar