29 mars 2016

Safe Leadership

Nowadays, we can have In-Service Training ..... wherever we live. This is a very good leadership training. Praying that anyone who are in contact with Ruamchai4Ubon will ..... feel that we have safe leadership. Listen to this good teaching. Ingvar


26 mars 2016

Happy Easter ...with Light in there.

Be Blessed today with a lot of Light in there .... because JESUS is alive. Happy Easter from the East of Thailand and south of Laos.

18 mars 2016

Very good time in Omkoi

Since we started serving in 1974 in Bangladesh,  Bible Schools has been very close to my heart. Many are longing to be equipped for service. Last week we went to Omkoi outside Chiang Mai to be with several hundred Karens at the graduation of Omkoi Bible Institute. Some 40 have the last year studied class 1-2-3 and 12 more have had one year internship ..... and today it was Graduation.

2 of those Fern & Sainam has blessed Ubon because they made their internship with us.

Many of us here in Ubon were blessed by the ministry of these 2 Karens. Pray with us that more Christians up in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai and Mea Hong Song dare to leave the mountains and come to Isaan. The climate in the mountains is different. Specially the spiritual climate. 


Isaan needs to be blessed by this kind of church planting. Ingvar

12 mars 2016

Our Battles are all about GRACE

’’Our Battles are all about GRACE’’
This sentence dropped into my heart one day when taking a shower. By the way that’s a good place to hear His voice. Or just clearing my mind, re-adjusting my focus when the ‘weather is a bit stormy’.

I started to meditate on that and found YES indeed, the purpose of the enemy is to destroy this protective cover of GRACE that we have around our heart. Rob us of our peace. And instead of grace we find ourselves battling fear, anger, bitterness, it takes us on that downward trail of judgment and death  to our heart etc.

Tomorrow I am preaching on ‘’ Loving our enemies’’ at the church of Pastor Ooy, @ Brighton, Abundant Life Church.

Jesus Challenging His disciples, you and me to love our enemies…. bless…..do good….. and pray for them……
If you’re in Chiang Mai area welcome to Pastor Ooy’s church at 10.00 am tomorrow.
Love Anna