28 april 2023

Training .... to be used in the Community

It's tough out there in the heat and among a lot of people .... with great problems. To stay and work in an AC institution is much easier. Many government employees here cannot go out among the people without it becoming "a big thing". All local government staff must come along and everyone must be involved in decisions. We are happy that we can visit and help "ordinary" people in the middle of society -- in a simple way.

Simon Sinek has said very well: 


Working in Isaan and Laos, we always have to make room for the broken ... so they, together with us and with God can feel God's healing. Step by Step.

Streams of Grace and Ubon Mujsic Cafe provides space for the broken so they can come in and Learn be inspired and go out and Teach and help others. And no need to hide behind homemade walls anymore. 

Yes. Best is to practice --- to use in the midst of society.
 Ingvar (Fred)

15 april 2023

..... we must not give up.

The truth is 100% clear: We can`t make it by ourselves. But saved by grace we can serve Him 100%:

We must not get tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time. We must not give up. (ERV Gal 6:9)

God bless you as you serve Him .....




5 april 2023

The JESUS power is avaliable 2023

      Have a meaningful Easter 2023

Different places have different ways of living life. In some places you are not ashamed to show that you have problems and you dare to tell openly how you are struggling. You almost enjoy painting a picture, as dark as possible.

In other places, like here in Isaan and Laos, people are much more laid-back and ashamed to show failure. You smile and want to say; Everything is OK. Even if they live on loans and the debtors are after them. "The money-sharks" hunt them daily. Some sees an escape is the only solution to their loan problem. And believe fully that the best solution to every problem is: "Smile, Smile and disappear"

We have people around here who on the outside you look fantastically well, but when you look behind, you see that they are living in hell.

We had a camp last week for around 100 children/teenagers. They had a great time.  

But some ate 3 portions every meal. One of these girls said every meal: Wonder what mom is eating today. The girl, 13 years old, goes when she is at home daily  to a pond and catches small fish so that the family would have food on the table. 

After the camp, the staff took some home. They become really surprised when they saw how some teenagers were living in a shed made of leaves. Only when you see their home do you see that they are extremely poor. 

Many 15-16 year old teens leave school voluntarily and take different jobs, just so that their family can have food on the table.

Teenagers in Isaan and Laos ----- seek the light and understand that the Light is stronger than the darkness. 

We are invited to make monthly visits to the Prison for Children/Teens (Juvenile Detention Centre) to have baking classes and music classes. The plan is to start as soon as possible : 


In The Government Institution

Having monthly visits to the Prison/ Ubon Juvenile Detention Centre. Training them in Baking, Barista and Music


In Ubon Music Café and Bakery. Positively they can stay a few days in a small Temporary Shelter

When they come out they have somewhere to go. They are welcome to Ubon Music Café; Bakery and the Church for fellowship and receive assistance to make them ready to go home. If they don't get help, they will only be welcomed back to criminal work. Sad face.  


In The Community

To have a good re-entry into the community. We follow up and regularly contact dem. Asking; How are you doing? Helping them not to go back to the criminal world. (Child Safe is already doing this with those who have been abused). That someone is asking them: How they are doing? .... is very effective. 

Who can tell them about "The Light" that is stronger than death?

Easter Greetings from Ingvar(Fred) and Anna