27 augusti 2016

10 good weeks

We are doing very well. These 10 weeks we are visiting 13 Churches that are supporting us. So good to meet them and experiance God`s amazsing goodness. And the blessing to serve God and people together in missions. Yesterday and today we are in Vintrosa.

10 augusti 2016

God will make a way ..... today

We can look back on the good old days and try to live … like we did in the past. 
We can have good dreams and try to live ….. in the future.
But we must not forget to live today even if today can be hard. There is a larger perspective.

Yes .... He will make a way. 

And God himself will both show the way and join us on our walk. WOOW .... our Lord and creator holds the brush. Ingvar


2 augusti 2016

New Chapter has started

Life has different chapters. Last Sunday one 41 years and 7 months chapter ended: Being InterAct paid missionaries. We started as local staff in Bangladesh 1st January 1975 and later in 1975 we became ÖM Missionaries.

Thank you all for creative and blessed cooperation with you all. We have seen the Kingdom of God grow together in many places and in many countries. 
Since August 1, 2016, we are no longer InterAct paid missionaries. God`s calling and leading is still there for us in this pioneer work. We believe God has a plan and that he wants us to move forward for yet some years in Ubon-Pakse.

The development of the work in Ubon-Pakse is exciting. We see several very positive signs of progress in this new pioneering work.

     Side-by-Side ... we will reach further....

 Let`s keep in touch. Thank you for your prayers. Ingvar & Anna