18 augusti 2018

Celebration and discipleship.

We have seen a lot happening, but still we and many are asking: What Church planting model gives faster Church growth? It has to be biblical, living, lead by the Spirit, and effective. And of course, sustainable.

In Ubon with 0.20% Christians, this question is now very important. We meet people who want to receive Jesus, to come for different kind of Celebration and special program, but struggle to fit into the "ordinary" Church life.

Spoke for a few days ago with Jom in Ubon. He has a calling to work more with Church planting that attracts today's modern and educated people.

We have heard that many in Sweden this year have been very blessed by good and big conferences. I have also via online been participating in some….and been blessed myself.

Pray that all our Encounters with God this summer 
will continue locally.

I love Jesus and I love the church, but there are many who love Jesus but have difficulty to "going to church". The prayer we have is that the Kingdom of God will grow:
  • through Celebration ...................but also through discipleship
  • through the life of Christ in the church ......................but also in the society.
  • through the Christian life out there ............but also that people feel at home in the Church.
Listen 2.09 minutes on 

As long as we live, we dream that:

12 augusti 2018

On the move in Sweden

                    Yes .... on the move for 2 months with the Good News to Sweden. 
Yes .... we have so many places to visit so Anna and I have mostly to go to different places on the weekends. Happy to meet the Swedish people.

7 augusti 2018

Good time ...... with the roots

We really feel we have 2 homes. One in Ubon-Pakse and one in Bleket. Now we are blessed meeting relatives, friends and new people in Sweden. 

Sometimes it takes time to recognize old friends. Another day I met one preacher, I have met him several times for 20 years ago. Now I introduced myself he he introduced him selves. Yes right ...... now I recognized him. The teaching is: 
Be in touch with your roots 
even if they are not always visible and not so beautiful.
You need them to bear fruit. 

Still we are very much part of the work in Ubon-Pakse. We have two homes .... two trees with roots ... joined together.

God bless. Fred.