28 november 2018

...dig it up today.

Here in Ubon-Pakse we are happy to have visitors. To have participation from the local churches, which has sent us out as their missionaries, it’s a blessing.  

We have had 2 very wonderful teams here from Mantorp and from Ö-vik. They participated wholeheartedly in the work. Leading worship, preaching, praying and encouraging us all wonderfully. Timo shared Sunday from Matt 25:25 And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.’

The fear can make us to dig down the gifts we received from God. Also, the servant calls it "your talent" = the Lord's talent.

Timo encouraged us to Dig them up now and start to use them while we can do it. Not to wait and dig them up at the Lords return.

Have a nice week. Ingvar

15 november 2018

Teams visiting us

Today we had a good 10:00 devotion/worship at the Centre. A team from South Afrika were going to leave Sisaket/Ubon this afternoon and a team from Sweden (Mantorp) just came this morning. Good time together from the North, from the South and from the East.

Teams from the local Churches coming to visit us is a great blessing. and encouragment.  We are happy for mission leaders and Organisation Directors that are coming to Isaan, but even more when the local Church leadares are coming. 

Mission is always based in the local Church, and not in an office. 


4 november 2018

New Churches in Ubon-Pakse!

We have since we came here Oct 2013 worked with Church planting both in the City and outside. Now we hear God`s calling to step up the Church Planting work in order to see that the people will have many:
It is true that more Churches are needed. But also new types of Churches. God help us all to plant new, active and living Churches .... happy for todays city people to attand. Ingvar