22 september 2023

Now for 2½ months


We are very happy to be well and to be spiritual parents, both in Sweden and Ubon-Pakse. We see 3 areas:

A. Doing what we can do    -      We are Hands On. 

B  Training others who will train others who...     -    Others are Hand On.

C  Seeing and sharing what God is doing. Witnesses of God`s might work.

Anna is now 2½ months in Ubon and I am in Sweden. After 8th January... I will be in Ubon-Pakse and Anna in Sweden. I am this weekend up in the north of Sweden.  

Before Anna left we studied James 1:22-25 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves  .......   we will be blessed in his doing.

We can teach and preach the word of God and .... it is the truth. But first when we Do-The-Word we get a testimony and we and the people around us are blessed. 

This is the blessed/happy life: Hearing and doing ---- so we and others get a living testimony of what God is doing. 

We are sending out 2 services every week over Facebook and YouTube from Streams of Grace Church Ubon. Friday service and Sunday Service. Join us. Today I joined at the Gothenburg Railway station and in the trian to Stockholm.
On Sunday Anna is preaching. 

Have a good weekend. Greetings from the train. Ingvar (Fred)