25 december 2018

Be Blessed from Anna och Fred in Ubon-Pakse

19 december 2018

New Church in Ubon.

Rejoice, a new Church was born in Ubon the 12 December 2018. STREAMS OF GRACE CHURCH UBON. We meet every Sunday 16:00 (for time being) at the Community (Training) Centre at House 57, Soi 11, Chayangkun Road. (Near Sunee Tower).

18 december 2018

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Many these days (also here in Ubon-Pakse) see how the shops have Chirstmas decoratrions and people wounder: What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Mission work always have a balance between:
  • to spread religion and/or to spread LIFE. Christmas is a time when we easily can get stuck in many traditions. Traditions are not wrong, but if you forget the center, we spread only religion. We must have Jesus himself in the Center. He was born and wants to be Lord of our live.
  • to work at the "top" level (change structures with the rulers) and/or to work at the "bottom" level with the most vulnerable. These days we are involved in both types. And..... also working with middle class people.

BLESS UBON gathering on Saturday with many from different Churches and "high" dignities in society was a good Celebration. Our prayer is: May God's kingdom come much faster in Ubon-Pakse!

The Christmas celebrations in different areas in Ubon and around with families with children in the risk zone and neighbors are very joyful and meaningful. Good and clear Christmas program with Jesus at the center. And everyone are very happy.

We look forward to more Christmas Celebrations in Ubon-Pakse where the true meaning of Christmas is the Centre. Ingvar

28 november 2018

...dig it up today.

Here in Ubon-Pakse we are happy to have visitors. To have participation from the local churches, which has sent us out as their missionaries, it’s a blessing.  

We have had 2 very wonderful teams here from Mantorp and from Ö-vik. They participated wholeheartedly in the work. Leading worship, preaching, praying and encouraging us all wonderfully. Timo shared Sunday from Matt 25:25 And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.’

The fear can make us to dig down the gifts we received from God. Also, the servant calls it "your talent" = the Lord's talent.

Timo encouraged us to Dig them up now and start to use them while we can do it. Not to wait and dig them up at the Lords return.

Have a nice week. Ingvar

15 november 2018

Teams visiting us

Today we had a good 10:00 devotion/worship at the Centre. A team from South Afrika were going to leave Sisaket/Ubon this afternoon and a team from Sweden (Mantorp) just came this morning. Good time together from the North, from the South and from the East.

Teams from the local Churches coming to visit us is a great blessing. and encouragment.  We are happy for mission leaders and Organisation Directors that are coming to Isaan, but even more when the local Church leadares are coming. 

Mission is always based in the local Church, and not in an office. 


4 november 2018

New Churches in Ubon-Pakse!

We have since we came here Oct 2013 worked with Church planting both in the City and outside. Now we hear God`s calling to step up the Church Planting work in order to see that the people will have many:
It is true that more Churches are needed. But also new types of Churches. God help us all to plant new, active and living Churches .... happy for todays city people to attand. Ingvar

13 oktober 2018

Shine in the darkness

Khun Nang, what a beautiful picture on this pioneer Church. May every Church and every believer shine like this here in Isaan and Laos this Saturday-Sunday.


9 oktober 2018

Your love is not broken....

I have had the privilege to meet a few of people these few days who are representing lives restored or under process (we are all under process) but who have come a long way if I compare them from when I first met them. My heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness. God is the Healer, Restorer, the God Who Forgives, the Lover of our soul, Redeemer a.s.o. And His miracles in peoples lives never stop to amaze me.

If God's Love is all what it says and much more, no wonder it HE is the power medicine, to restore life and wholeness to broken vessels. 

Today when I was preparing to meet another ‘precious one’ I was singing with Amanda Cook :
‘Pieces’ on Youtube: 
If you want to check it out I recommend this version: Pieces (Spontaneous) Amanda Cook / Moments.

Here is some of the lyrics:
Unreserved, unrestrained, Your love is wild, your love is wild for me.
It isn’t shy, it’s unashamed.
Your love is proud to be seen with me.

‘Cause You don’t give your heart in pieces,
And You don’t hide Yourself to tease us. 


uncontained, your life is a fire
Burning bright in me.
It’s not just a spark, it’s not just a flame.
Your love is a light that the world will see.xx

You don’t give Your heart in pieces,
You don’t hide Yourself to tease us.

Your love not fractured, it’s not a troubled mind.
It isn’t anxious, It’s not the restless kind.
Your love’s not passive
It’s never disengaged, It’s always present.
It hangs on every word we say.
Love keeps its promises. It keeps its word.
It honors what’s sacred. ’Cause its vows are good.

Your love’s not broken, It’s not insecure.
Your love’s not selfish, Your love is pure.

You don’t give Your heart in pieces,
You don’t hide Yourself to tease us.


2 oktober 2018

Thank you for 68 days

all dear relatives and all friends for 68 days in Sweden with a lot of friendship, cooperation and encouragement. 

More and more we see how important it is to work together in Pioneer Mission Work. 

Walking with you these 68 days in family life, community life and Church life has been strengthening and inspiring us to move on.

We are certainly not in Missions because we are strong enough to fix it. No, we must continue only because we know God and you are sending us out. Pioneer Mission is calling.

Have a blessed and warm autumn with an open sky above you. 
Ingvar and Anna

18 september 2018


We look back on a very encouraging Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon. We have met many wounderful people. Grandchild's birthday in Hällingsjö, Open Doors 10th anniversary in Örebro, 2 Churches and homes, and yesterday a good time at Betel Klädesholmen with the Seniors. I like being with people, at conferences, in the local Churches and at homes.
How can we work hard, without being burning out? Many are struggling these days to cope with everything needed to be done ….. and at the same time wanting to serve God and people.

The good news is that The Church with its mission and The Kingdom of God as a whole is a source of blessing and power. We are blessed and encouraged together.

Boldness. Let us be more bold in serving in different ways. It's not time to give up helping those who are struggling. Some are under hard pressure in a hostile environment, others in a small Churches, feeling lonely. Let`s stay by each other and bless each others.

2 september 2018


We are part of the Church life both in Sweden and in Ubon-Pakse. Its a privilege and a blessing to feel the heart of God in the midst of the church and the society.
I can see 3 types of Christians:

1. Those who are worn out in a hectic world. They are coming to church to relax. They do not want to have more work, but need a touch of God to keep on going.

2. Those who are along. Loneliness in Sweden is a major public illness. They are coming to church to serve God and people.

3. Those who love Jesus, but do not find a place in a local church. We meet this group of people both in Asia and in Sweden. We are praying that these brothers and sisters should feel the Church as open and welcome as Jesus himself: Rehoboth (Hebrew: רְחוֹבוֹת, Reḥovot; lit. broad places.
                   For now the Lord has made room for us, and we                                                           shall be fruitful in the land.”
                                                             Genesis 26:22

We are this fall (up to Oct 2) visiting homes, individuals, Second Hand and Churches in Sweden. We feel very welcomed. Today I went by boat to the church.
                                          Love Jesus and love the Church.

18 augusti 2018

Celebration and discipleship.

We have seen a lot happening, but still we and many are asking: What Church planting model gives faster Church growth? It has to be biblical, living, lead by the Spirit, and effective. And of course, sustainable.

In Ubon with 0.20% Christians, this question is now very important. We meet people who want to receive Jesus, to come for different kind of Celebration and special program, but struggle to fit into the "ordinary" Church life.

Spoke for a few days ago with Jom in Ubon. He has a calling to work more with Church planting that attracts today's modern and educated people.

We have heard that many in Sweden this year have been very blessed by good and big conferences. I have also via online been participating in some….and been blessed myself.

Pray that all our Encounters with God this summer 
will continue locally.

I love Jesus and I love the church, but there are many who love Jesus but have difficulty to "going to church". The prayer we have is that the Kingdom of God will grow:
  • through Celebration ...................but also through discipleship
  • through the life of Christ in the church ......................but also in the society.
  • through the Christian life out there ............but also that people feel at home in the Church.
Listen 2.09 minutes on 

As long as we live, we dream that:

12 augusti 2018

On the move in Sweden

                    Yes .... on the move for 2 months with the Good News to Sweden. 
Yes .... we have so many places to visit so Anna and I have mostly to go to different places on the weekends. Happy to meet the Swedish people.

7 augusti 2018

Good time ...... with the roots

We really feel we have 2 homes. One in Ubon-Pakse and one in Bleket. Now we are blessed meeting relatives, friends and new people in Sweden. 

Sometimes it takes time to recognize old friends. Another day I met one preacher, I have met him several times for 20 years ago. Now I introduced myself he he introduced him selves. Yes right ...... now I recognized him. The teaching is: 
Be in touch with your roots 
even if they are not always visible and not so beautiful.
You need them to bear fruit. 

Still we are very much part of the work in Ubon-Pakse. We have two homes .... two trees with roots ... joined together.

God bless. Fred.