26 oktober 2011

7 hearts become One heart in prayer

On Monday evenings a small group of women meets with one agenda, to worship the living God and to hear what is on His heart for the nation. Last Monday I suddenly realized that we were 7 in number and from 7 different nations and probably from as many different churches. I had this feeling that the Lord not only smiled upon these 7 daughters but the His heart leaped for joy. Love Anna

23 oktober 2011

and life goes on....

From worship with 1000+ young people in Mae Tom, to saying farewell to Ingvar tomorrow, who will be in India and Pakistan for 3 weeks evaluating different relief programs and joining the Bojpuri mega-conference in Dehli. So life goes on.
In CM and the ministry of Tree of Life, together we are finding out what steps to take and evaluating the past and the present. How can we best serve with the gifts Father has given us in healing the broken and building a safer community for the young generation.
The needy will always be there, but we only want to go where we see His footprints before us.
Thanks for your prayers for us.
Love Anna

Life is flowing onwards

In my heart I am summarizing the last few weeks. Leaving the new parents and lovely little granddaughter Emelie. What a precious season in life having grandchildren and when you have the chance to enjoy them.
And leaving a nature dressing itself in the most beautiful autumn colors, yellow, orange, red. The forest offering us its harvest of beautiful mushrooms, all for free, just a little exercize and a few hours of cleaning.

As I was leaving the news of a flooded CM reached me, but the day I landed the water had already receded leaving damages for many households, but we were safe. But flooding continues and there is disaster in many district and now even in Bangkok itself
On the 11th of October Ingvar wanted to hold onto his promise to our family: to give mom a dog. Noah, a golden labrador came along and left us again already after 8 days with us. It broke our hearts even if it is just a dog.

The day Noah died I was leaving for Mae Tom, Omkoi district for a youth camp 3 hours drive from CM. This beautiful mountainous area with a beautiful population of majority Karen people.

As my friend and I walked up the stairs to enter the church and heard the worship of more than 1000 young people, and it was like you enter into the throne room of God hearing the worship from angels and tribes of many tongues worship Jesus with all their hearts. All sorrow and sadness just are washed away and there is only one thing that matters. JESUS.
With Love Anna

22 oktober 2011

Flooding in Thailand

Middle of Thailand and in & around Bangkok - are now hit by very serious flooding. The situation there is bad.
For us in Chiang Mai, we have no problem now. I will have to enter the city of Bangkok to recieve a visa on Monday on my way to India. Pray with me that I will have no problem. Ingvar

8 oktober 2011

The wonderful Christian Family

I was this morning writing a short note to an old friend of mine, who is now a Church & Mission leader. And ..… I was filled with heavenly joy for all of them. How many Brothers and Sisters do I have in my family? Woow. I am blessed with many friends.

Some has calculation the world population and say:
The "Day of 5 Billion" was 11 July 1987.
The "Day of 6 Billion" was 12 October 1999.
The "Day of 7 Billion" will be 31 October 2011. May be we are already passed it?

But.... even with more people around, loneliness is increasing these days. In some societies loneliness is like a sickness. Too many are too lonely in the midst of a big crowd of people. Also some in midst of important leadership.

I must say that The Church with its Mission is a wonderful answer to loneliness. God Emmanuel (God with us) can indeed help us to have fellowship with himself and other people.

I look forward to be part of the Christian family this Sunday morning, here in Chiang Mai. Bye bye. I have to get ready to meet them. Ingvar

3 oktober 2011

Back in Asia

It's good to be back together with my beloved. With eyes full of tears and almost speechless, he met me at the airport and a bouquet of roses and other flowers here and there in the flat, with his whole being he was saying ''I really missed you and welcome home''. It feels good to be missed and welcomed. I am so privileged and do not take it for granted.
We have been through many things in our lives together and thank God for each other almost everyday.

So we are off to a new start again. A new term, and little do we know of what is in front of us, but we know we can trust our Maker.
Chiang Mai is just recovering from flooding, and the metrologist are warning for more. Danger is not over until 16-17 October. But we stand on what He says:'' When we pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overflow you.'' Is 43.

Just as water gives life to nature and eventually a harvest, we've just a bit too much at the moment, I pray that this season and this term for us will be have a plentiful harvest.
Love Anna