23 september 2013

Saying goodbye

Today I spent sometime sorting through what plants to bring along to Ubon and what plants to leave  for someone else to enjoy. Even this is a 'saying goodbye'. Talking to myself: Maybe they will not appreciate them, maybe the new family cannot wait until the plants brings forth flowers and will just chuck them away. Some orchids only buds once a year. They don't know that this ugly plant is a rare orchid with beautiful flowers. And the ones I have nurtured and multiplied by cuttings, will they  appreciate, the way I do. The huge coffee plant, the  orchids the funny goatshaped leaves, the lillies...
I realize that I cannot expect that any successor will nurture and care the way that I have nurtered and multiplied and loved these plants, because they have not spent their energy and love on them, and there is a high risk of being thrown away before ''they can prove themselves''. The same way the garden speak about the people I have invested in through many years. Many beautiful people, but some came to me quite ugly, messed up, starving for love, beaten and bruised. They were nurtered, loved, fed and some are blooming, others have multiplied but our successors have not seen what they were.
This is part of life. I am entrusting the plants in the hands of the Father. He knows what they were and He knows where they are going.

19 september 2013


Thank you all good friends in Sweden for these 2½ months. We met many of you and some 20 local churches. GREAT.

You have encouraged us a lot to move on into a new pioneer work. We might not like: Transfers,
…..but still they are very very important.

We have seen that there is a special anointing and power when the local church sends us out. We feel indeed sent out for a new pioneer work
from the body of Christ in Sweden >>>>>>>>> to the body of Christ Thailand.

Woow. What a divine and high calling.
My believe that: These days we need God more and we need each other more.

Now we are in Chiang Mai 2 weeks staying at Tree of Life. We now want to finish our 22 years in this city ... in the very best way possible. We believe and see that God is calling many in this town to go out to new unreached people who need to get out into God's new freedom. Ingvar

14 september 2013

Last Sunday for now in Sweden

Yes... we are doing very well, serving in different ways right now here in Sweden. Today is the last Sunday in a local church and ... tomorrow we are going from Gothenburg and coming to Chiang Mai the 17th.

Yes....on the 1st Oct we are moving to Ubon for a new chapter in our lifes.

Yes....may God bless you all this Sunday. Ingvar