30 augusti 2021

The cross is shining again.

Thank you Kriang….. and all other dear coworkers we have here in Ubon-Pakse. You are all wonderful…. shining out the true meaning of the cross. 

Thank you Kriang for fixing the light to the Cross today. The spotlight has been broken a few nights.

This cross is outside the Streams of Grace Church Ubon and as we are located along the Ringroad many 1 000s of people see the Golden Cross every evening.

When we prayed where to be in Ubon … this place became clear. The Lord led us to this place at Wanarom Junction. Now a tunnel is under Construction.

This word came cleary to us:


Ingvar (Fred)

19 augusti 2021

Book: You Walk - I Work

For 20 years ago I tried to Put-Pen-To-Paper on my mission work, but it did not work.

On the 11 Oct 2020 at Copenhagen Airport I tried to restart my writing, but after 14 lines I decided to start over with the book and have the focus: What Jesus has done ... so far in the mission work. Then the flow came on in full.

When I came to Bangkok on 12 Oct 2020 and had to sit in quarantine for 14 days, I wrote this book. 

                                                 Buy it here.

Hope it is possible to buy it in all countries. If not, let me know. 

Buy it (around 9 dollar), read it and be blessed. All income goes to: Streams of Grace Church, Ubon.

This is not Systematic Theology but my testimony…. so far on:

 God Bless Ingvar Fred)

                             Contact us via ingvaranna@loxinfo.co.th

15 augusti 2021

Mission Trips


Many has been blessed richly over the years by going on different kinds of  MISSION TRIPS. Me too. I started 1970-71 with going to France and Belgium with OM. After Anna and I got married dec 1972 we joint OM team to Italy and nov 1973 overland to India.     


We strongly believe that to start missionary work with first joining Mission Teams, is a very effective and fruitful Bible School.

On this end, we are greatly blessed by teams coming to us. Now since Feb 2020 we are missing you all.

Please come back… as soon as possible. We need your inspirations and encouragements.

God Bless   Ingvar (Fred)