20 september 2016

New Chapter

Yesterday I came home to Ubon. We had a very good time at home in Bleket with all individuals, churches, businesses ..plus plus plus. Mission always enriches life.

Anna comes after the 17th of October. This autumn I am in Ubon-Pakse 2 months and Anna 6 weeks. But of course we are also working much with Ubon-Pakse when we are in Sweden.

Many are longing and praying of being more and more involved in Missions. but:
1) it has to be in partnership where the work here and work there enriches each other
2) the supporters has to know 100% that the money reaches the purpose it`s given to. No one is  any longer a "blind donor".

Now we take the next step forward in Ubon-Pakse. We do not go alone. God is with us and ..... we have many dear friends standing with us in prayer and support. Thank you all for your participation. Please write to us. You can get more info at 

I like new Chapters in Life..... when God leads. Ingvar

14 september 2016

Turn on Worship

Often we need to be reminded: Turn on praise and worship!

When anxiety and fear wants to take over, when the thoughts wants to run away, when stress or frustration is attacking us..... when ... when .... worship is a wonderful "key".

Today, I need God's help. I need the peace of God ... yes, I need an open heaven.

Thank you Lord for the heavenly worship right into my everyday life. Ingvar