30 april 2012

Care-givers needed

Last week Anna and I attended The Global Member Care Network Conference here in Chiang Mai, along with 360 others from 40 countries. We were 4 people from InterAct. When the organizers began to organize this 1:st Worldwide Member Care Network Conference they hoped for 150 people.

It is clear that “the need of the day” is Member Care in Churches, missions and in NGOs. Not only to know how to keep the staff and that they will do a good job, but... also 

that they grow spiritualy and mentaly
that they are equipped
and that threy also can be Care Givers to others.


This Global Member Care Network highlighted theories and truths, but mainly that with God`s and other's help we can: "Do the stuff". We all can be care-givers... out there in real life.

Member Care is more prevention and training than curative and to do rescue operations.

We returned very encouraged from this conference. Ingvar

19 april 2012

Oslo,.... stand up for the genuine Peace Prize!

The last days the NEWS headlines around the globe have been the trial in Norway. The Anders B.`s killing in Norway last summer has been shaking and challenging us. H. Arenius writes in DAGEN the 16th: The country that gives the Nobel Peace Prize award must now prove that it is able to stand up for the principles on which Peace unconditionally rests.

I am happy that the Gospel came to Scandinavia, so I don’t need to be a cruel Viking, who kills others. One who goes out into the world to plunder and rob.

No, I have been privileged to go out into the world to share and give the kingdom of God: Faith, Hope and Love.

The evil in the world challenges us. The world is now waiting for Oslo's ability to stand up for the genuine peace prize. And many around you and me are also waiting to see us standing up for genuine Peace Prize as well. To stand up for the true gospel = the good news do not producing death, but life. Ingvar

13 april 2012

Worship that brings healing

Since the month of February we have started something we call Healing Worship at the Tree of Life Ministry. Through my years of ministry to the hurting I have often come across testimonies of healing when they have been in worship of Jesus Christ. Sometimes its the essence of the words that are finding their ways down into the hidden painful memories, sometimes it is the anointed music that touches. I am sure that worship is one of the tools the Lord loves to use, as we let down our defenses and lay our hearts bare before Him, He comes and restores.

Last Friday a lady shared with me how the grief of a brothers untimely death, which had been locked in, in her heart for several years, and the song that was sung was the key that released the tears and she received peace.
I remember many years ago, when my mother in law and I visited a precious woman and member of our church family. We found her in a state of unconsciousness on the hospital bed, everyone expecting her to die very soon, we started to sing to her, and a few hours later she woke up and asked for her false teeth, and said she was hungry ;-). That was fun!
I am expecting more fun on more news of the great Healer.

10 april 2012

The mystery of love

Yesterday when Ingvar and I were shopping to prepare a feast for 6 inmates at Chiang Mai prison, we talked about what happens within us when we are doing something out of compassion or love.
While searching for the right ingredients to some very hungry young Bangladeshis who are longing for their ''mum's'' cooking and the flavor of their special spices. Somethings starts to burn inside us, it's like the coals of our hearts are receiving some gentle blowing upon from heaven.

We talked about our years in Bangladesh with needy ones knocking on the door anytime of the day or night. How our hearts were burning within us. Not particularly feeling that we did anything great. We were just doing what we felt Jesus would have done. Nothing else. That sustained us. That kept us. We gave, the Lord gave more. We showed mercy and mercy was also given to us.
That well doesn't run dry until we stop using the water. That compassionate love does not grow cold until we stop touching peoples lives.

Yesterday I was reminded of Rev. 2: 1-7, about the loveless church. The words of Jesus to this church has amazed me many times. It is so full of reminders of all they had done. Their works, labor, perseverance, endurance- words that speak of so much of giving out for His Name's sake- IN THE PAST! But now: Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.
Repent and do the first works, or else.....He will remove the lamp stand. So there are consequences.
There is a connection between touching the lives of people and God's overflowing love and burning compassion. We are the vessels. The decision is with you and me, if we are to keep the fire of love glowing or the well overflowing.
Jesus help us!
Love Anna

5 april 2012

Easter 2012

Since I was a teenager in Dalsland, Sweden the Easter message has touched my heart every year in a very very special and clear way. The Easter mystery of the Cross, the empty tomb and the great drama speaks into everyone's lives.

We are now in the midst of the Holy Week and you, perhaps like us, are very busy. But the amazing thing is that the cross and the resurrection power works in all aspects of life. Even the situation we are in right now, this Easter 2012.

I put on some pictures that speak. Ingvar