20 juni 2011

These days....

After Mongolia I have had very good days at home, in Churches and in the society. I find it a great blessing to be part of:
The home – with relatives and most of all with my dear Anna and children (and their husbands) and grandchildren. We are so happy to have our own house is Sweden these days, after 39 years of married.
The Home Church and also other Churches. These days there are a lot of exiting local Church and also trans-local church activities.
The society, with many different kind of people. Some people are indeed “cheep without a shepherd” and … many are wounded.

Now we have the midsummer week, with many good conferences taking place. I am working on 2 of them. One is at Torp and one is at Dalagården.
God bless. Greeting from Ingvar

7 juni 2011

Mongolia.... so differant

I had a very good time in Mongolia. It is interesting to get into a new country and a new work. Many circumstances in Mongolia are much different from my other counties I have working in. Specially the Russian background, the dry country and ….. so few inhabitances. But the people are open and are happy to move forward. Many projects had Building Good Character as an important part.
It was a blessing to have my younger brother Rune with me. We grow up as twins and we enjoyed doing this journey together in Kina and Mongolia.