24 augusti 2013

Today 10:32 a Boy is Born in Borås.

Mr Alfred Sven Trygg was born today 10:32 in Borås. He weighed 4350 grams and was 52 cm long. His arrival was quick this morning and ..... now we have six beautiful grandchildren. Mother Ruth and father Niklas are well. The pediatric nurse/grand-mother Anna is also happy.

Prior to this time in Sweden we had several goals including meeting children and grandchildren also the youngest (now 6 hours old), building a small one room garden house (called Friggebod) and visiting as many Churches as we possible. We have learned over the years to live in different worlds, yet to be 100% present in the one we are in right now. You can say: To be in the same place with the spirit, the soul and the body.

At the same time (it's hard to explain) we are part of the work in Asia. The planning of our new work in Ubon is coming on more and more, and … it feels like we are entering a "fully ripe" but tough task.

Tomorrow we will visit Mantorp. It will be very good to meet our new and old friends there.
Greetings from a happy grandfather. Ingvar

14 augusti 2013

See-Thank God-take courage

We all daily consume courage, hope, encouragement and inspiration. And if we do not refuel, we all will soon run on empty. I am often reminded on the steps Paul took:

Step 1. He saw them
Step 2. He thanked God
Step 3. He took courage.
Paul had had a tough journey, but still he had been able to be part of giving new courage to 264 passengers. Now he needed to refill him selves.

It`s looks easy. And maybe.... it's simpler than we often think.

Anna and I are now visiting every weekend several churches in Sweden. In total some18 of them. And the interesting thing is that after every meeting you go home with new courage. Acts 28:15 works.
I have for a long time been dreaming of putting up a small Garden House. Now it is almost ready. We are thankful to many friends who has helped us and ..... for good weather. Some have asked. How does it look? Will tell you more on this after we moved in. We are happy to also, these days, prepare for Ruamchai4Ubon. Ingvar
                                Rune & Birgitta with us at the first "fika" in the house.