29 mars 2020

Closed and open

Many matters in the communities are under the Law and many matters are to be handled with care, according to recommendations and with responsibility. We need the Law for many things, but we need also God`s Love and Grace from our hearts. Jesus power with Agape love and Grace... is stronger.

The Church with it`s Mission is both under the Law and under GRACE. We are now here in Ubon-Pakse carefully having the work open, but closed for bigger crowds. Working more with individuals and smaller groups. 

Today we hade a good Church service in Streams of Grace with a few that came and with Facebook Live.  Klick on the blue....and receive many blessings from Numbers 16:41-50.

Today during the worship God spoke about: Sing unto the Lord a new song.... even these days. Many now need a big portion of encouragments. God of all comfort. 

Ingvar (Fred) 

23 mars 2020

Now is the time to......

Now, is the time for The Church with its Mission to raise up and shine more than ever. We have over the years seen that during catastrophes, more people are coming to Jesus.

We have had a good weekend here in Ubon. Several came to the Streams of Grace Church during Fri-Sat-Sun with a growing hunger. Many are now unemployed without any unemployment benifits or social help. Our Ubon Music Cafe for teens in the risk zone will now increase opening hours per day.

Now is school summer holiday 2½ month and ….. many are struggling in their homes.  
Now we have a BIG task. People feel helpless, they seek peace with God, they want to experience a spiritual peaceful home and LIFE where there is a real security and true Father and Mother love.                                             

Yes now more than ever, The Church with its Mission can show that God's AGAPE love is in working also in times of catastophe. Ingvar (Fred)


18 mars 2020

Today very happy

Today I became very very happy. Jho (he has another name) come to The Ubon Music Cafe/Church. He is living in a dangerous situation. One of the main reason for us to start The Ubon Music Cafe is to help children/teens like him. 

Ubon has many teenagers who are talented but they are testing everything and staying up the whole night often out on MC and …. making a lot of noise. But in the morning they are tired and don`t go to school. So after some time they drop out of school. It is hard to find out what makes them HIGH. I am asking people and they say: It is not alcohol. It is not drugs. It is medicine. They don’t look like they are alcoholic or drug addicts but are very confident and become very loud.

There are 3 steps to help
1. We do direct Prevention. We mentor them and guide them.
2. We do direct Rescue and rehabilitation.
3. We Encourage friends and relatives not to Give up on them but to do what they can do and … help others to spread awarness that helps others to help other.....

We cannot step into every situation and do the work but people are coming to us, being transformed and with a new hope they can help others around them.

Our prayer is that many will come in but ..... even if they dont they still will be encouraged to follow Jesus.. out there.   Fred

5 mars 2020

His Peace stronger.

We are doing well and have both concern and trust. We are here in Ubon-Pakse and are not afraid of being infected by the Corona virus, but because tourism and trade are now falling in other parts of Thailand and Asia, people from Isaan and Laos are now losing their jobs and must return home, unemployed. It is obvious to us that people have less money to spend. And unfortunately, many teenagers are now forced to quit school and take bad jobs.

When Ove Anbäcken worked with us in Chiang Mai, he often refered to Learning Experiences. (= my Testimony). He really had an attitude of not only counting on knowledge and facts but also our Learning Experiences. And that attitude blessed us also. We have over the years received many testimonies of how God helped us. With God's help we have come-through-stronger.

We are Equipped to Equip. We follow Jesus so people can follow JESUS. Let us live in:
         Col 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, 
                            to which also you were called in one body; 
                            and be thankful.
One fact is that when life is tough – people are seeking the spiritual in a greater way. We have now therefore the opportunity to present JESUS ​​and testify of what He has done and are doing in us. No one can take away from me my Learning Experience. Worry is an active factor, but God's peace is stronger…. and His Peace can reign in our hearts also today.