26 november 2010

See each other.....thank God.... take courage

“ ……see each other….. thank God together …….take courage…. “ is indeed needed for all of us. We are right now together with 33 adults and 26 children from the work of InterAct in Asia.

We have a vary good time together and ….. there is much encouragment avaliable from each other and from God himself.

17 november 2010

......one day when we look back

Have been thinking of.... one day, looking at my life, what will I see?
I am in the age when this question comes from time to time: What have I done with my life? I believe it is a good thing to ponder upon this question. Not too long, but when it comes, take hold of it and if there are things or life tracks which needs a little adjusting: DO IT! - that's a GOOD thing to do.
But it is good to count the blessings, remember the call, the visions and directions God has given from time to time. Look at the fruit. Hear God speak through lives one has touched.
Love Anna
PS The pic. is from the this summer with the grandchildren.

7 november 2010

Angels and I had a fun day today

I rose early today to reach the small town of Muang Li before the church service started in the morning. Two of Tree of Life Ministry team live in M. Li and yesterday they invited me to preach in the church they are attending. I decided to walk out of my comfort zone and preach in Thai. It was so much fun and the best of all were the 2 women who wanted to know the Jesus who didn't reject the sinful woman in Luke 7. There were several other who came for various needs. So the angels in heaven and I rejoiced together.
We continued to visit an orphanage which I was introduced to less than 2 years ago. Then it was a dry land without hardly anything growing on it. Now there was such a transformation, flowers and trees and other plantations and the 50 children were also thriving. The precious couple who have taken in these children see miracle after miracle happen and Gods faithfulness to them.
I wish every orphanage would be like that. So this has been a GOOD day, with much encouragement.
Love Anna
Photo 1 The little church in M. Li
Photo 2 TOL team members living in M. Li
I will post the photos of the orphanage later.