29 oktober 2010

Hand-in-Hand, Side-by-Side

To be able to work Hand in Hand, Side by Side with the nationals in different countries – that is a great blessing. I enjoy more and more to see how the nationals step up, take the lead and together we can continue forward complementing each other with differant gifts. Now I am 21 days in India. Ingvar

16 oktober 2010

10 days in Pakistan

I am now in Pakistan visiting projects, mainly the flood rehabilitation projects we have in north and in south/middle of the country. Again I am shaken of the distress and hardship the poor people come under in floods like this. But in midst of hardship I can see that many can help each other and also receiving help from God himself. New hope and new peace is there in midst of it all. Ingvar.

6 oktober 2010

Preparations size -L

Now it's time again. The suitcase in size L is out from the storage space, not Size S- for weekends at this time. Ingvar is ticking off on his mental list everything that needs to be done and functioning well when he is gone: car, house, heating, grass (Ingvar's responsibility in our household), and many other things.
And so also the mental preparations. We talk about things related to common decisions, economy, priorities, family and work.
It's Wednesday morning, the day(in this season) we often spend more time together in prayer and in the Word and share our thoughts of life together over a cup of coffee while still in bed.
The destiny this time in itself causes prayer to have a bigger role in our home. The path to the cross has become well trodden this time, where I can lay down my burdens of worry and anxiety, and walk away from there much lighter. This is His word for me, but I am happy to share it with you (smile): ''Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.''
Love Anna