28 augusti 2011

Bless our society ... on all levels

I found the Singapore presidential election Saturday 27th August 2011, very interesting. It`s true that I like to follow elections. One reason is that I find many biblical values highlighted during elections that people are looking for.

I listened at TV news to Dr. Tony Tan Tan. He asked the voters to think who would best represent Singapore, at home and abroad, and who would have the right temperament, character and courage to remain calm at times of turbulence.

I followed also his press conference yesterday. He is clear … and I trust he will become a good president the next six years. Interestingly, he is Anglican and nr 2 in the elections, is a Catholic. The two others, who came 3rd and 4th is not, what I could see, declaring their religion.

Dr. Tony Tan is 71 years old. But still he does not giving up, but wants to give Singporianerna: Confindence For The Future.

I am happy to see that more and more Christians in Asia are becoming good leaders on all levels of the society. We Christians can surely, bless the societies we live in and also the countries as a whole. Ingvar

23 augusti 2011

5 days in the projects

I have just returned from Bangkok, Songkhla, Hat Yai and Phayao. To be active in the projects – on the spot – gives me always joy. Well ….. almost always. There are sometimes problems that give me sadness. But I am also challenged of the mixture of all the plus and all the minus.

The matter is:
1. not where we come from,
2. not where we are
3. but in what direction we are moving.

And together with God and the local people we can have an active Vision: What is the goal? And an active Mission: How do we get there? Ingvar

16 augusti 2011

Hands On.... what is that?

For a few days ago I saw an advertisement:
Take the opportunity to join the Hands-On Conference xx September 2011 in Stockholm.

Many people are isolated and lonely, but they long to be involved. In the Church and in the Missions with all different programs we surely have many opportunities to give good Hands On experiences.

I looked for the meaning of the word Hands-On and got:
hands-on (adj.)
Involving active participation; applied, as opposed to theoretical: "We're involved in hands-on operations, pulling levers, pushing buttons" (Arthur R. Taylor).

We as a mission are constantly working towards a better and better balance between:

  • Theory - Hands On.

  • They are training (helping) us to do the job - We training (helping) them to do the job.

  • We do the work - they do the job.

One thing is certain, to be Hands On in some places is not easy, due to language and culture, but we need everywhere to work on a good and creative balance between the involvement of the nationals and the involvement of the foreigners.

With the Head in the right place (Theory) and the Heart in the right place (Love) we can also have our feet and hands in the right place (Action).

They can do something. I can do something. But the best and fastest will be (in my opinion) when we are Hands On helping the Nationals to be Hands On. Ingvar

14 augusti 2011

To Worship together with the local people.

To be back and worship with the local believers….. that`s Life. Some Christians can travel to other places without meeting the local people in churches. Well… I can`t. I feel like: If I haven’t met local believers, I have not been there.

Now 2 Sundays I have been worshipping at Acts Church in Chiang Mai and meet many good old ….. and new friends. They are in a new very useful building and ….. I was blessed worshiping with them.

For 2 days ago Thailand celebrated Mothers day. And the churches in Thailand is doing it today. So it was a special service today.

Have a good worshipping Sunday. Ingvar

3 augusti 2011

So good leaders!

I'm now back home in Chiang Mai after a lot of travelling. I am missing Anna here, as she is still in Sweden, until our 5th grandchild is born mid September. Our dear son-in-law Phil, has put on a new photo.

To look back on my 13 days in India, I am appreciating most of all the possibility I had to meet and work with very dedicated Indian leaders. They are serving full heartily, have big capacity and love God and the people. I met:

  • Village leaders

  • City leaders

  • Country leaders
I am blessed. I pray that I also have encourage them. Ingvar