25 september 2019

Official Inauguration of Child Safe Foundation in Thailand.

Yesterday we had an very exiting day. It was the official opening ceremony of Child Safe Communities Foundation in Thailand. (= Monitee). Child Safe started January 2015 as a project under SPM but now the registration as a local Foundation was signed by the government 2nd of July 2019.

Representation from Police & Border Police, representative from Social Welfare, their shelter, several Churches, organisation and other individuals were present.

Our team did a wonderful job amidst other normal activities and floodrelief as well.
The activities in Thailand and Laos are the same but this means more cooperation with the government. This is a challenge. Some pictures from yesterday.

Our goal is to impact the roots of the society in Isaan and southern parts of Laos and to see the parents choosing to live with their children. And strengthen the childrens rights of safety. Educating them their rights to say NO. To prevent sexual exploation and trafficking.
Now we can do much more. 

Very grateful and proud of the staff God has brought to us.

To come down to the local people in need.                                     

13 september 2019

I will come through STRONGER.

Too many times we think we have the education and the capacity to figure out by ourselves what is good and what is bad. And many times we have the strength to save ourselves from the evil/bad things in life.
But…. when circumstances are bad, like now in the Ubon-Pakse flood we understand that we can not understand all. So:
  • we cry for help
  • God helps us. He sends us the helper, The Holy Spirit that can lead us on the right way inspite of the circumstances. 
  • And we can go through the problem. 
“Yet… will I rejoice in the Lord
I will take joy in God of my salvation. Hab 3:18

Yes I will come through stronger. 
Right now we are very thankful that our area Anna and I are living in here in Ubon is not flooded. Also our Community (Training) Center is not flooded. 

And Praise God all our dear coworkers are on dry ground. 

But many we are working with are under difficulties so we visit children, teenagers, families, church members and others that are suffering. We are standing with them in these days of hardship.

Today we had a Pastors Prayer meeting at the River Mun. It was powerful.



Thank you for standing with us.....also when the people around us suffer.

Ingvar (Fred)

8 september 2019

As long as I am breathing and .....

One truth is for sure. God`s Agape Love is bigger than my problems and is also big enought for every day of my life. 

Even  ... and as long as others are breathing. God: "Let them also not give up with others around them". 

Words are formed by our breathing out. Let´s speak out a lot of good words = blessings over people in great need. They have failed but  .... after meeting Jesus they too can also bless others. Woow.  

Have a blessed week.    Ingvar(Fred)