29 oktober 2020

11 weeks in Ubon and in Sweden.

After 9 weeks in Sweden and 2 weeks in quarantine in Bangkok, I now very happy to came home to Ubon again. Good to meet Anna and our wonderful coworkers again. They really work hard with great love for God and for people. 

Thank you for your prayers for us these 11 weeks.

The time for me in Sweden was very good together with relatives & friends, with congregations & Second Hand, also with individuals & families. I was encouraged to meet many of you in Sweden.

Felt like many in Sweden this Covid-19 time were discouraged. Last summer we had a wonderful Conference summer like no other. And this summer was completely different. But grace and the presence of God is the same. Bigger than any sickness.

We missionaries often work in difficult hard and new circumstances. But in everything we have seen that God has new strength and new power for us. We have a living HOPE. 

God Bless Ingvar (Fred)

25 oktober 2020

Short Up-date

After many documents, 3 negative COVID-19 tests and 14 days in quarantine in a room in Bangkok, I will come out into the Thai society on Tuesday morning the 27th Oct 2020.

I am very happy I can go home to Anna in Ubon Tuesday afternoon. And also able to meet all coworkers there again.

Thank you all for praying for me. JESUS has been with me every second of these 14 days.


13 oktober 2020

The Aim is not ..... but .....

1973 our first travel to Asia 1973 was very differant. We travelled one month overland in a Thames Trader Truck from Belgium to India.

Now Oct 2020 the travel for me to Asia was also very differant. Even though I have visa, workpermit and re-entry permit I needed an extra permission: CoE (= Certificate of Entry) from the Thai Embassy i Stockholm, needed 2 health certificates and to travel on an expencive special Thai repatriation flight. Repatriation = returning to their own country.                                                                          

The flight attendents on the Thai flight had protection cloths.                                             

And at Bangkok airport there were 5-6 checking points by many officials all in protection cloths. 

Now I have to stay in a quarantine room 14 days without meeting a person. After these 14 days I can go out and continue to travel to Anna in Ubon. The aim of this strict controll is to stop all Covid-19 at the borders. Inside the country we can move freely, with face masks. 

We are well and have many open doors of ministry in Isaan and Laos. But we feel extreamly sad for all local people both in Laos and in Thailand who now have very little work and struggling to survive. They have little or no money for food or for children`s schooling. Teenagers are asked to go out and work. 

The projects right now is helping many, not to give up. The word Innovation came to us very clear in the beginning of 2020. Now is time to stand with the local people to find new ways to have income. The tourism can be late to pick up again, or never come back up to the same level.  2019 Thailand had 39.8 million tourists.

                                                     2019 Laos had 4,6 million tourists. 

Even if travelling can be interesting let us never never in Missions forget that:  

God Bless You.

Ingvar (Fred)