23 juli 2017


We have had a very good Home asignment year. Now happy to again be home in Ubon-Pakse. Good to see that the work indeed is up-and-running. 

My personal learning experiance is that as a new missionary it take 2-3 year to get started up. Now it takes for us a few hours.  

Look forward to have Anna here the 11 th Aug. 

Thank you all for your: Welcome back. We have a great family in Ubon-Pakse. Have a good week. Ingvar (Fred)

20 juli 2017

A Good home assignment

Must say we have had a very good 1 year home assignment. Now I am on my way back home to Ubon-Pakse. Anna will come the 10th Aug. 

This morning  Anna and I read: So the disciples went and did as Jesus commendet  them (Matt 21:6). 

Happy to be His ambassadors in Ubon-Pakse and happy His word is living and active. Happy to do this in close cooperation with all of you.  Ingvar

18 juli 2017

Ready for take-off.

After 12 month of home assignment, its now time  ... to go home. Well we feel that we have 2 homes. Bleket in Sweden and Ubon-Pakse in Thailand and Loas.

Ýes ... we have had 12 very good month and are now ready for take-off. Not that we feel we can do more in our own strength but  ...   we trust that God can do more. I have just started to read a SMC material called Inspiring Changes by Rick James. Be Blessed Ingvar 

5 juli 2017

Summer in Sweden

The summer in Sweden (June-Juli-Aug) is a busy time. Everyone likes to have holiday and .... do everything. As the mentality is Do-It-Yourselves many have high expectations for the summer. 

During Maj-June-July there are also many Christian conferences. Very good conferences. And the trend is that they are increasing in numbers and sizes. Mostly they are also having very good activities and meetings for children and teens.

The regular Church meetings are fewer during the summer except the Sunday morning services and the midweek prayer meetings. Some have extra outreach programs.

We are now getting ready to move to Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar will go 20th July and Anna the 10th Aug. 

We have had a very active and blessed year in Sweden, but now look forward to join the team in Ubon and in Pakse again. Be blessed Ingvar