30 juli 2010

Testing transitioning( a tree)

One of our few precious blooming trees had to be pulled up to make space in our drive way. My heart cried, but it was unavoidable. Then suddenly the idea dropped into our minds(the family sympathizer´s), maybe it can be transitioned. So we dug another pit in another place, pruned its branches down low and sunk it into the ground. I gave it some good soil, watered it well and I prayed a prayer of abundant life over it, and now my Father waters it,( in case you wondered why it is raining so hard since last night and today. It´s because of my bush.)
Is there a lesson? Yeah! For a good transition, you need the tender loving care, maybe some 'heavenly-Father-pruning' and lots of good nourishing soil of love around our roots and then the water, the presence of the Holy Spirit. I think we and the bush are going to make it.
Love Anna

17 juli 2010

Home again

Ingvar has come home, 1 day of hospital journeys, and 3 days in hospital and Ingvar had enough. The level of disappointment was high when he was promised to go home yesterday and the fever came back and he had to stay another night. But he arrived before lunch today. He is exhausted, the many days with fever has taken its toll and now we are praying for a good recovery from this pneumonia. We are also so grateful that they haven't found any tropical or other life threatening bacteria or virus. There was concern because of his accident and long stay in hospital last year, with blood transfusions etc. When I was praising God yesterday for His faithfulness, I heard the Holy Spirit say: '' I do all things perfect''. Yes, He does. He does not fail us.
Love Anna

15 juli 2010

The root cause is found

Ingvar called me with tears of joy, saying at last they found infection in the lungs, after many, many tests. Which means now they can start a treatment. There are still a few more results to receive. And we are praying there will be no more intruders in his body. Thanks for praying.
Love Anna

14 juli 2010

Ingvar is taking the ambulance, this time awake.

Ingvar has been sent from one hospital after the other for a mysterious fever for 6 days and very high ESR. Please pray that the doctors quickly will find the root cause. Thanks for standing with us.
Love Anna

9 juli 2010

We are doing well - this summer

We are doing well. Happy to meet relatives and friends. Also we found a house and ….. we have already moved in. A good place and .... we love it. Our first own house ever.

During summers in Sweden people take holidays and are out in the nature. We have some meetings, but mainly planning for this fall. Anna has started to work in a Nursing Home.

We are praising God for His love, care and help. Ingvar