29 mars 2009

Healing Fellowship

After 9 weeks – I could yesterday again join the InterAct Fellowship we have every month. The topic for this meeting was my MC accident. We shared open hearty the experience we all have had in different ways, due to this accident. To put word to feelings and together give them all over to JESUS, was a healing experience for me, my wife Anna and (I understand) also my coworkers. They have all been fantastic through this time. We wrote our burdens on small pieces of papers, put them in a basket and ….…in prayer we surrender them all to the Lord. I was lightened.
After 9 weeks - I could today again join a local church service. Fantastic to experience church fellowship and to be able to thank Pastor Kriengsak and the members of Acts Church for all their prayers and care. One member said:” I have been thinking of you every day”. So when I come walking up to share on my crutches, the whole church was clapping their hands - for what God had done.
We have much to be thankful in life and much to re-experience again and again in the fellowship of believers. Yesterday and today I have done, just that. Ingvar

22 mars 2009

Food for my Soul.

The soul is constantly hungry, but sadly, too often we forget to feed our soul, especially when life is in full spin and we feel strong. We are more aware of the need for physical and spiritual food. Often we also think that food for our soul is unnecessary and selfish. Maybe you are looking into www.ingvarandanna.blogspot.com …. to see if there is any food for your soul there? Yes… in fact there is!
I have been chewing on this truth today. Anna made an embroidery on these words (in Swedish)and we have it as a wall hanging in our house. This truth is food for our soul, both to give and to receive. May be the best diet for the soul is to have a good balance between to give and to receive? Ingvar

18 mars 2009

A heart for the weak.

Today Kennedy phoned:”Hi Ingvar, I am Dino are in Chiang Mai. Can we visit you?”
We received our 3 Indian brothers from Delhi into our home with great joy. They are right now attended a conference in Chiang Mai and had some hours free. They felt they had to visit me. Dino is the Executive Director for EFICOR and Kennedy is Director of Development. EFICOR is working among the poorest, neediest and most marginalized in India. Dino and Kennedy have many involvements and could have 1.000 reasons to do something else today, than to visit a Swede, who have had a MC accident. But their hearts is living for the weak, wounded and the marginalized, even at a conference in Chiang Mai. “We have to pass via Ingvar & Anna”.
Dino had recently been to UMN in Nepal and ..… also there encouraged people to pray for me. Wooow! How many have been praying for me these 52 days?
What the heart is full of .... is visible. God bless the once that cannot but visit the wounded and brooken along the way. I am deeply touched. Ingvar

17 mars 2009

Phycial Therapy - good!

I have just returned from the Physical Therapy and I am tired, but feel very good. When I lay there 5 weeks on my back in the hospital, I thought: “I have a good physics and I don`t need to do much excises. I will soon come back to normal.”
But, I lost my good physical status very quickly and I have now to work hard to get my lazy mussels and my stiff joint back in shape again. I feel good to work on it and one day I will shift from physical therapy to my ordinary exercise, together with my dear wife.
The lessons learned is: Either I am helpless in the bed or I am super active in the work – still I need either physical Therapy or ordinary excise to feel well. Ingvar

15 mars 2009

Heavenly Synchronized Care

I must praise the wonderful group of people who heaven synchronized to care for Ingvar yesterday. Not that he needs 24 hours presence(except the Lords Presence), but the Lord knew I needed a less stressful day away from the house.
Ingvar and I laughed in amazement at the end of the day.

This is how it turned out:
Lizette & Christian our closest InterAct - neighbor, were available "on call" at least until lunch.
Peter dropped in for a chat in the morning.
Gerda supplied lunch.
Family Emilsson came in the afternoon with snack for coffee-time.
Stefan picked up and brought Ingvars computer from Pantip Plaza.
Ann-Sophie, Olivia and Moa brought the dinner (and many more dinners).
Peter came back again and had just left when I arrived back home after a wonderful day on the mountain, in stillness and long walks. With time to commune with God, knowing that Ingvar was being looked after.
Thank You Jesus! Thank you wonderful Family of God!
Love Anna

PS Check out the wild orchid I saw on Doi Pui.

14 mars 2009

Work, is more than just to work.

During the past week I have partly started to work, mainly from our home, but also together with my coworkers at InterAct Regional Asia Office. It is just wonderful to again be active in the big and progressive InterAct mission work in Asia.
But, the matter is not just that I again have strength to come back. An accident is deeply touching also others in the surrounding. All had a trauma experience, in differant ways, and need time to work this out.
Physically, mentally and spiritually I feel stronger day by day. I have to use crutches 3 more weeks, until the fractures of my right leg and my right pelvic bone are healed. But at the same time I have to give space for others to work on their own trauma as well.
Thank you for your prayers the last week for me and my deer coworker and friends.

7 mars 2009

Leaders with hope

Yesterday I opened the Bangkok Post and 2 articles caught my attention.”Hope alive” and ”The message of hope”. It was 2 leaders in the society that shared about hope, in their particular field of interest. The headings made me glad and when I read Hebr. 6:18-19 I myself received more heavenly living hope. I can victimize myself and feel depressed over all that has happened to me. For 6 weeks ago I was unconscious and was fighting for my life. I can see the circumstances around me and be worried.
But I have 1.000 more reasons to have ” strong consolation….. in the hope set before us……. have an anchor of our soul”. And I have even 10.000 more reasons as a leader to give hope to others. The storm can be strong, but this anchor of hope and the way Jesus opened, works in my storms and…. in yours.
The world today needs you and me, big or small leaders, to speak true and genuine heavenly hope to this world. Have a hopeful Sunday and coming week. Ingvar

5 mars 2009

After 40 days & 40 nights.

Saturday the 24th January I tog our 100 cc Honda Dream for a quick errand..... which took me 40 days and 40 nights. A truck beside me suddenly change his lane and …… I was in a serious accident.
It is now wonderful to be home again. Anna has rearranged at home so I don’t need to climb stairs. I can only be downstairs.
I am thankful for your continual prayers for me, so I will fully recover and ….. most of all, I will put into use, all what God has spoken and been teaching me during this test period. Thank you all who has help me in different ways. You have all meant much for me. Be Blessed!

3 mars 2009

Caregiver in 3 stages

Thank You, all who encourage me with:”Don`t lose heart”. I am now doing physiotherapy and the doctor says I can go home on Thursday. That will be wonderful. This with catastrophes and to be a Caregiver gives me many lessons these days, as a care receiver. I experience 3 stages:
1st Stage: To Survive. I am first a victim and need all the help I can receive to survive.
2nd Stage: To come back to previous capacity. Rehabilitation starts. I love my work and to hear the words:”Soon you are back in full action”, encourages me.
But… when visitors share one more stage with me - something special starts to happen inside me:
3rd Stage: To come through stronger. To go through this crisis and then “only” make it back to the same level as before – sounds terrible and meaningless. There must be something more, bigger, deeper and higher to it all! I have experienced that when they share this 3rd stage with me, my whole being is filled with life and I want to go through this crisis - much stronger. So that I will be able to help and bless others even better. Ingvar

Walking again

Now Ingvar is working hard to walk again. From having difficulties to walk only 2 days ago, it is good to see him now walking by himself. We are now preparing our home for his arrival.
Thank you all, who have faithfully been praying these 5 weeks for him. We trust the Heavenly Father will bless you richly back, each one of you. Greetings from Anna