25 juni 2012

Enable or To Be Activating......

I have just returned from 7 days at Torp Conference, in middle of Sweden. For me, this week includes a lot of work and to meet the people from morning to late at night. I wonder how many of the 15 000 people attending I met, talked with and prayed for? This work blesses me a lot. The theme this year was Dare to Follow Jesus. International visitors from India, Japan, Brazil ... and Norway blessed everyone. Egil S from Norway was a special blessing.

We were challenges about:
       a) The spiritual reality.
       b) The State of the Society.
       c) But most of all ..... to Enable/to Activate Christ Life here and now. Jesus is already there. Go and Enable/to Activate.

A new phone or computer has a lot of programs already in there not activated, that has to be activated if you whant to use it. I heard God speaking this week: I'm already there, even in the darkest places.

Woooow. Jesus is already here and there: I can Go and Enable Jesus' life .... by the power of the Holy Spirit .... both here in Sweden and in other countries. Ingvar

21 juni 2012

Blogging from Torp....

 I am now blogging from The Torp Conference ....... and feeling very good to be here. Well.... I am missing Anna. She stayed behind at Bleket, because of both rest and work.

Here at Torp 1.000's are coming this Midsummer week to meet God and meet friends. But also to be inspired for Missions at The INTERACT International Meeting Place. Many are coming in to meet us missionaries. And .... I am also very happy to meet the Church members from the local Churches.

When I was going to take a photo at the door I met a man from Chile and one from Congo. We have never met before, but we felt like brothers. Missions is indeed opening many doors.

A word was given to us in Mantorp last weekend:"....... a great and effective door has opened to me ...... "1 Corinthians 16:8.

No, now I need to connect to people. Ingvar

8 juni 2012

Transition - strawberries - and weeds

Last Tuesday Ingvar and I came home to Bleket together. This is the first time we are coming home from Asia to our own house. This fact has in some way not landed in my reality yet. It helps me to weed the garden, dig in the flowerbeds, arrange some Geraniums in the windows. The hanging basket is back in the plum tree, and the flowerpot on lid to the well, is filled. 
The hand woven carpets are washed and placed where we like to have them, and little symbols of the 'Fredrikson-home' have been unpacked. Already the second day we were joining the little prayer fellowship - and it felt so right. Hearing them pray was like a well known melody and it touches the strings of the heart.   

For Ingvar the transition time- to fully land in a place is very short. I asked him what does he do to adjust so quickly: he said: I just take a stroll around the house to check everything out, then I fell at home already.  
We are all different regarding the time we need to adjust to new or readjust to a former known place. Transition time.

As I was pulling the weeds in our garden I was thinking about the parable of Jesus in Matthew 13 ''....do you want us then to go and gather them(the tares) up?But he said, No, lest while you gather up the tares  you also uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until harvest...''

Grass and dandelions are growing very close to our strawberry plants, I decided to let the weeds be as not to pull up the plants with them and destroy the fruit.

In my mind I am thinking about the little Healing Fellowship we have in CM, a group of people of whom  the society has given up, in their lives are lots of weeds, and if we right now would  try  to pull out the weeds, we will destroy the good which has been sown into their lives of hope and value and maybe an ounce of trust. So at the moment we are trying to focus on that which is good.
I am sure there are various interpretations of this parable-, and it is a good parable to digest over and over again.

4 juni 2012

In Sweden - and working under the Nationells

We are now in Sweden for work and rest. Contact us by E-Mail or call:

Anna   +46 767 918181
Ingvar +46 767 918182

I have this weekend been to Covenant Foundation's Annual Meeting at Juniper Tree in Pranburi, Thailand. Very encouraging and ..... a good step forward.

I am encouraged and blessed to see Nationals taking initiative and making space for both for national and foreigners so we can work together in a good, efficient and legal cooperation in the country.

Looking forward to meeting many of you this summer. Ingvar

3 juni 2012

Two homes.. these days.

I have been back home in Thailand for a week.

We appreciated very much to have Pradip from Kolkata and Satish from Patna with us for 4 days. We talked Missions and specially how best to work with Children. We concluded by thinking:

Goal:        We help children best - when we help parents/guardians to help their own 
Sub Goal: We help the children - directly.

I went also to CMIS for Daniel E`s Graduation. Nice. There are so many wonderful young people. You're a nice guy Daniel. God Bless you .... into your new life-chapter.

Now for 2 days I have been at The Covenant Foundation Annual Meeting at Pranburi. It has been a blessing to meet Dr Krassanai, Pastor Kamheang and others. To work together - we need it these days.

Today I will go to Bangkok and tonight back home to Sweden for 2 month. I feel really I have 2 homes these days. Will be good to be with churches, friends, children and grandchildren again. And of cause Anna. Ingvar