11 mars 2023

Travelling with people to the people

During many years my main mission task was to be a travelling (itinerant) missionary, visiting people, congregations and projects in 9 countries. Often I feel so small in the task of coming to people with an encouragement and ..... being a bearer of a solution. What can I say and do, but once I am back home I always say: Good I went. God you moved among us.

I have also experienced that the best way to minister to coworkers is to go out ministring together. Jesus did it.

Now for 2 days Pastor Boy, Khun Art, Khun Jack and I have traveled 820 KM to visit different people and congregations. We dod also a survey how others are helping children-teens who are Left Behind - Not wanted. Someone said yesterday: We do not build MINISTRY or programs. We are building MINISTERS. Building people.

We are glad that we have the focus on people. Then there is hope. The answer is not that we can analyze all the deep problems. But to see God's action through us and through all different problems.

Have a blessed day.

Inger (Fred)
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