29 maj 2011

In Mongolia

I am now in Mongolia. Interesting. To work in Mongolia is new for me and a challenge, since January 1. On 1st May I handled over Laos to Josefin. And got Mongilia.
We, (my brother Rune and me) came to UB, (=Ulaan Baatar) and next day we went 170 km to FARM projects. Spent a day there and 165 km back, on dry ground. Some placed there were no road and one place it has not been raining the last 3 years.
Back in UB we have more project participation and a AGM.
It is good to start from the grassroots. From the poor and ordinary people and go on the administration and the good governance. All levels are needed, but we should never forgot: The people in need.
We are now starting the train back to UB. One day in UB and after that one day in Beijing.

22 maj 2011

Anna weather

I believe in a God who relates to me personally and who loves to give good gifts to His children. The weather today is a love-gift to me. Its stormy and rainy. He knows that I love stormy weather and if it rains too, even better. And as today is Sunday and I am free from work, I can enjoy this ''Anna-weather''. He is GOOD!!
Love Anna

18 maj 2011

Come on, let's go to Mongolia!

A new nation and the first visit.........is a challenge. We traveled through Mongolia as a family by train in 1984. This the the first official visit as an area representative. Since 1991 I have followed the situation and the work of Interact in Mongolia, but I sense that this journey is important.

I am grateful for prayers for my journey to Mongolia today and until the 1st of June. It is great to have my brother Rune coming along this time.

I will keep the blog updated during my travel, so: Come on let's go to Mongolia!

1 maj 2011

On the move in Sweden

Right now I am sitting in a bus, traveling to a Church for a Mission-service. To be in Sweden this year and visiting Churches is truly a blessing. Anna and I cannot always travel together, but …. we can always keep in touch. She is today leading the worhip in our homechurch at Klädesholmen.
Now I can even on the move, in the bus go on line and write to you, somewhere on this globe. And may be you also are on the move? Be Blessed, wherever you are, this Sunday! Ingvar