31 augusti 2020


I am now in Sweden 2 months. Anna is in Ubon-Pakse. After much prayer we felt this was God`s will for us these two months. Missing Anna and the friends in Ubon-Pakse, but happy to meet our children with families and churches, organisations and friends. Many are longing for fellowship and encouragment.   

We were happy to be Travelling Missionaries for many years serve God and people in 9 Asian countries, but October 2013 God led us to be one-place-pioneer missionaries living and working in the unreached area of Isaan (Thailand) and southern Laos. This area is indeed a pioneer area:                                       

I see these Corona days that people in Churches, missions and organisations have different ways of dealings.   

Some people STOP ..... and give up.
Some People WAIT .... to see what will happen.
Some people GO .... but still respect regulations. They find ways 
to continue, to develope and to become even more equipped. 

Yes, Jesus is there (Emmanuel) also in times of problem. When we hit the bottom... JESUS is there. 
The 3 men in Daniel 3:21 were bound and thrown into the fire. The Counselors of the King said (v 25): I see four men unbound walking in the midst of the fire. They walked around not bound, together with JESUS.  


                   1. God is working. Doing mighty things.

                   2. We are His witness. Telling what He is doing.

                   3. With Gods gift and tools we can also work.  

A very good song is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsypFJ5mNw0

Church and Mission workers, welcome to the Pioneer area of Ubon-Pakse which has 3,2 million people. The bigger area is Isaan-Laos with 30 million people.  


 Ingvar (Fred)

18 augusti 2020

Sweden 2 months

Yearly we have the plan to spend 2 months in Sweden to meet relatives, Churches and differant organisations. This year was hard to know how to to this. After much prayer we decided that I will go to Sweden and Anna will stay in Ubon and go later. The reason was that it is now expensive and complicated to return to Thailand.

I came 5 aug to Sweden and will stay to 7th Oct.     


I felt strongly God calling me to share HOPE and not to give up. Many are full of fear these days. 



But God is greater and He can make us stronger throught this time of testing.

God Bless you.

Ingvar (Fred)