26 maj 2018

.....words to think over.

A man in southern Thailand had at least one wife and at least 7 children. He had turned more and more violent. Yesterday he almost killed his wife, because (he said) she and the 7 children have became Christians. He was a Muslim. To survive, the wife had decided to flee with her children to a "home" in Chiang Mai.

But she prayed a lot and struggled over her decision. Last night, at 22:00, her husband did not return to their home so his wife called his mobile. A policeman answered and said: Your husband have had a MC accident and is dead.

A friend of ours commented on this with the words:
My reaction to this comment was: I do not want to love any other God than the living God. I love You and .... will go to You when I die. Ingvar

17 maj 2018

The Holy Spirit of God ... in us.

I have many wonderful friends encouraging me: Do not give up. They are clearly themselves breathing the Power of Holy Spirit.

And most of all: The Spirit of God is constantly inspiring me: Do not give up with yourself and with other people. 
Have a very refreshing Pentecost Sunday. 

Pioneer greetings from Ingvar (Fred)

10 maj 2018

Why .... more than how and what

On Monday I went to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok to apply for a new passport. It is many practical matters to settle when we go out with a gospel. Especially when we want to reach the un-reached People.

I have been thinking on the statement by Simon Sinek:
How does this fit into my mission world here in Ubon-Pakse?

 It is  clear that people have different reasons and motives to do Missions. 3 of them are:

1. I want to do something new, something more inspiring. The mission's commitment becomes an exciting own value. I also can be "Hands On" and have valuable experience from a developing country.

2. I have found a good method/model that will fix the world. This will be the best, quick and efficient. The world's best Projects and Programs will give transformation.

Although these motives are good, I see more and more Motive 3.

3. I am God's ambassador. Because people are praying and crying for salvation, God is sending you and me there. Next trip you make, see this reality:

                     A) People out there are crying: God help me
                     B) God sends you and me there as His Ambassador.
                     C) And God can do far more than your or mine capacity.

And the locals also becomes ambassadors for others .... locally. In the Swedish embassy in Bangkok not everyone are Swedish. Thais are also working there.

On the mission field, we are God's Ambassadors to people crying for help ... and this multiplies wherever the gospel goes.

I did not meet the Swedish Ambassador in Bangkok on Monday, but he was surely there. I met others who in the same ”Sweden Spirit” did the job. I will get my passport in 2 weeks. 

Ingvar (Fred)



1 maj 2018

Outcome Mapping +++

Last week our daughter Mariam came and helped:
with Outcome Mapping plus plus plus. She is really not a method-focused-person, but she comes down to the people, listens to them and encourages everyone to start blooming from where they are. Her love for God and people in combination with reality, is very clear. Check    https://www.outcomemapping.ca        http://www.learningloop.co

Seeing Mariam in Action gives me organizational creativity, eagerness to be creative on my own journey, but most of all: happy to see other blooming in their giftings and capacity.

I love sketches and pictures. I made 2, not Mariam:

A good text is 2 Corinthians 5:17
               If anybody is in Christ, then he is a new creation.
                       The old is over, something new has come.

This help us to see: 
              a) that there is no hopeless place or hopeless person.
              b) that I will not give up ... with myself either.

Have a good week. Ingvar (Fred)

Some pictures from the week: