28 juli 2012

Relationship matters in Missions

We are doing well, in Sweden. Good to be with relatives, in the Churches and in the society these 2 month. Relationship matters in Missions. And as much is changing it`s good to be up-dated. Tomorrow I will preach in our home Church on Klädesholmen. I am excited and happy to do it. My prayer is that:

Let the words of my mouth
And the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in your sight
O Lord my strength and my Redeemer
(Ps 19:14)

We are packing our house and preparing for a Missionary Conference next week. On the 5th Aug we are leaving our home in Sweden and going to our home in Thailand. Ingvar

7 juli 2012

HOPE.... I have already received

A Brazilian missionary couple working in the Middle East visited Torp Conference this year. It was very inspiring to listen to Esther L.

In one meeting for the missionaries she shared about Hope. Not only do we have Hope for now and for the future, but also, we can remember the Hope that we have gained through the years.

While I am working this summer with missions and have a nice holiday with plenty of work at the house, (Anna also works as a nurse at the Home Health Care) this truth through this Brazilian missionary is ringing in me. Yes, I how received so much Hope-Faith-Love through the years. This is also blessing me, right now. And ... this hope will also continue to bless me.

A young little man in Mongolia gave me a lot of Hope, when he came in happy to the Church with a Bible. I like this picture. Ingvar