24 december 2022

Happy Christmas and new Year



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God bless Ingvar (fred) Anna

11 december 2022

Today 4 years

Our 2 legs in Ubon-Pakse (Streams of Grace Church and Child Safe) are really up-and-running. Most active, living and Creative inside the centers/Church, but mostly out there among the people in the community.

We are thankful for the eagerness in Child Safe to be with the children, listen to them and make a safety net around them ,,,, right in the community.

Today 4 years old. We are thankful for the Steams of Grace Church. The Church is growing. Life is hard for many in schools, workplaces and in homes. The Church is a place of peace. People are coming blessed by God`s Presence,  His peace and being equipped for daily life... out there.

Thank you for prayers and support for this pioneer work. 


God Bless.