31 december 2019


Thank you all for fellowship and cooperation during 2019. 

Be greatly blessed 
Ingvat(Fred) and Anna

24 december 2019

Christmas Day 2019

In The Church with it`s Mission we never need do be lonely .... even if our family or our relatives are not around me. This Christmas Anna is with our children and grandchildren in Sweden up to 8th January 2020. But .... I am surely not at all feeling lonely here in Ubon-Pakse. We have had 4 Christmas celebrations right in the community and the 1 year celebration of the Church.

                                      Under a tree in the suburb Tha Bor

Inside The Community (Training) Center

Outside one home in the suburb of Baan Pla Duk.

Yesterday on a street ín the suburb of Warin. 

In these 4 places the Gospel was presented in an loving and very clear way. We have a wonderful team of co-workers who really shows God's love to the people.

In Warin last night, a middle aged lady said after the gathering: "I didn't know that JESUS ​​was born on Christmas".

Yes we truly see that; The harvest is ripe.

Christmas Day greetings 2019 from The Pioneer Work in Ubon-Pakse.

22 december 2019

Christmas Letter 2019

Dear friends

Please find Side-By-Side Christmas Letter 2019    Click Here 

God Bless

16 december 2019

Streams of Grace 1 Year.

We have had a very good Fri-Sat-Sun with the 1st Birthday of the Church Streams of Grace. Ajarn Saweang and his wife from Prachuap was a great blessing. 

We are still meeting in The Community (Training) Centre, but ... pray with us that we will very soon find a better place of Worship.




12 december 2019


Today 12/12 is a special day for us.

This day 1974 we left the Missionaries Evert and Svea Eriksson in Gorakhpur, India to go to Bangladesh by train and by bus. When we came to Dhaka we heard the sad news that Chris and Hillevi Begg had died in a car accident in Yugoslavian. It was a very special feeling to stay 4 months in their bedroom in Kiljee Road, Mohammedpur, Dhaka.
This day 2018 the new Church: Streams of Grace here Ubon was established. We are happy to have a 1 year Celebration this weekend. We rejoice and so are thankful for all who stand with us in this pioneer work.

Also Hebr 12:12 ... speaks every Dec 12. 

Renew Your Spiritual Vitality

12 Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees,
Ingvar (Fred)

5 december 2019

Christmas: the birthday of Santa Claus or..... ?

Yesterday we were 12-13 people who went to a suburb of Ubon called Tha Bor and had a outdoor Christmas celebrations. Tha Bor was much affected during the flood this fall. Most people had to flee from their homes. They need material help, but many are poor, sick and discouraged. We have helped but the reconstruction is going slow.


They say, "You are the only ones who came and helped us". And they are so grateful.

More than 95 people came last night. While everything was being prepared, Anna and I walked around among the homes. Their stories are terrible. And when we said: Can we pray for you? They said: What is prayer? Who is Jesus? What is peace? The reason of this was not because we used wrong language.

Most people think that Christmas is the birthday of Santa Claus. And that Christianity is another religion with additional rules and more "must". Now is time to tell them: The meaning of Christmas, about Jesus and about the Gospel of Grace.


In everything it is easy for us all to be caught up inside an institution, inside the Church and even inside a Mission Centre. But Jesus tells us: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations ...... and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” 

It seemed like most of these 95 people yesterday got the good news about Jesus, salvation and grace, for the first time. The next step is now to build disciples. 

Ingvar (Fred)

30 november 2019

Advent ....

First Advent is a great time of Celebration. The darkness is finally giving way the Light. This is just a few short points and a few photos from the mission field.

1. Good traditions lift and are good to have. We need days of Celebrations. But tradition itself is not the main message.

2. The market is trying to "kidnap" Christmas here also in Ubon-Pakse to make money from The Christmas spirit.

3. Many here wonder: What is the real meaning of Christmas? I went out today Nov 30 'and …… found this in 2 shopping malls.

Today's people understand that The meaning of Christmas is not shopping. So what is it?

4. This season we have the great opportunity to tell about JESUS ​​and what happened the first Christmas.

"For God so loved the world that He gave… .." 
Advent and Christmas encourage us to see and "shine" for others who are still in the darkness.

Let us take new steps this Advent/Christmas 2019 so that those who fight in the darkness will also experience Jesus who is the light of the world. 1st Advent is a MISSIONS Sunday. A Pioneer Mission Sunday.

We have had many good meetings lately. We want to show you som potos from the work.

Have a blessed Advent 2019
Ingvar (Fred)