15 juni 2017

So blessed with many brothers and sisters

I have found that to serve God and people in Church with its Mission is a great blessing. Today I wrote a mail to a good friend of mine in India. I realized that I am a very very rich person with
1)    so many blessed brothers and sister in so many countries. 
2)    and with so many wonderful experiences. I am a millionaire when I count experiences.

Life with Jesus has been very exciting. I would love to go back and revisit all the places we have been to. And again experience the Good old days we had with you all.

But we cannot. Life moves on and …. Jesus is on the way to reach new people. We better follow Him.

We still are praising God for all the blessings we have enjoyed with you all in so many places. And we love to keep in touch with you over mail, Facebook and in prayer.

Now the pioneer work in Ubon-Pakse with
 is calling.  

We look forward to many Good new days there. I will go there 21st July and Anna 11th Aug... still praising God for all Good old days. Ingvar

4 juni 2017

Empowerment ... to the end of the earth

Pentecost is not only a historic fantastic day, but also that God Himself Empowers us weak with heavenly power for every day and every task also 2017. I appreciate the word Empowerment. Not only does it sound cool, but it really works. There is power available for us.
Have a blessed walk in the power of the Holy Ghost ..... to the end of the earth. One of them is located in Ubon-Pakse with only 0,2% Christians. 
Be Blessed from an open heaven. Ingvar