31 januari 2009

Can beds grow longer?

Ingvars right foot keeps on sneeking out past the bed frame, getting cold. The bed is too short. Ingvar is a tall Swede in a bed made for small Thai. We call the foot Emil(the Swedish would know who Emil is). When discussing what to do Barbro had a solution: I know that Anita Barker prays for legs to grow and they do. I wonder if she can pray for beds to grow too. We need a miracle.  

The drainage placed in the temporal lobe was removed today. The neurosurgeon said; In 1-2 days you can be discharged. We answered there is more to Ingvar than the head. he has a pelvis which is not yet ready to leave the hospital. Tomorrow the stitches on the head will be taken. Freedom is increasing by the day. But there is still a long road to go. 
Love Anna

Ingvar's bedtime prayer

We were standing around the bed as we do in the morning and in the evening in this strange new life and I asked Ingvar what he wanted us to pray for.
“Pray that I get `endynamo`(hope this is right, Vasili Lomakin will have to correct me if it is wrong) power in my innermost being.” So, we asked for a spiritual charging of the batteries, although the (eye)-lids close at night, the charger is still on, charging from the heavenly Power Source. We pray that it will charge until it is 100%. That is what I call a GOOD NIGHT!
Love, Anna

a rose (orchid) to ALL of you...

I would like to thank ALL friends praying for Ingvar. Churches and individuals among many we barely know. Many have formed prayerchains and some are fasting. Others help us with practical things or encourage, send sweet textmessages, cook lovely food and place it in our refrigerator, do our grocery shopping and other errands so that we can sit with Ingvar. Some of you free us of tasks that were previously booked.
We are overwhelmed by all this loving and caring. I wish that I could thank all of you personally, but that is impossible. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if these prayers didn’t rise up to the Father’s heart. What we sow we will also reap, and I pray that you will reap 100-fold of our Father’s goodness in return. I think that Ingvar is already reaping it now. It says...... those who refresh others... shall themselves be refreshed.One of  Ingvar’s gift from God is to encourage others, now he is reaping the fruits of this to the fullest and we as a family are also taking part of it.
So, a rose (orchid) to ALL of you!

Love, Anna

29 januari 2009

near death....

Dear friends and family!

I am grateful that I am alive!  Saturday at 17.00 a serious accident happened here in Chiang Mai.  I have no memory of what happened.  I was not conscious and woke up after two days.  A piece of bone was stuck in my temporal lobe that caused a large bleeding in my brain.  The doctors found the bleeding and fixed it.  I am now recovering, but I feel very weak.  I am so grateful that my daughter Ruth came all the way from Gothenburg.  She is a nurse in the ICU at Sahlgrenska and is of much help. 
Thank you for all of your prayers!

Dictated by Ingvar (written for dad by Ruth)

28 januari 2009

Dear Friends!

Ingvar himself wants you to see what he looks like right now. As you can see most of the injuries are on the inside and not outside. He may have a bit more understanding as far as his injuries if some of the fractures were visible.
Isn’t that true for our lives as well: there are many things that we can’t see below the surface that cause problems and pain. Today he has gotten his PDA back. He has even taken a look at the blogg, but then fatigue hit him. Short periods of concentration. The brain needs time to rest. The hemoglobin level is still low, so he has received another two bags of blood today. At five this afternoon he was moved from the ICU to the ward. A private room on the tenth floor with a view over the city. Ingvar thought it was so peaceful and quiet. From eleven this morning it feels like it has turned a little. However, there are more difficult news for him to take in. Time he has to recuperate, work-related issues and questions and much more.
Pray that the joy of the Lord will break through from the inside. 
Love, Anna

this is a recap of events from the past few days....

We have not been able to update both the English and the Swedish bloggs due to my fathers accident. So the following events took place over a few days and I have just translated the events from the Swedishblogg. Events are newest to oldest.... as usual! Recapped by Ruth

Thanks for prayers and thoughts 28 january 2009

Sleep wouldn’t come to me this early morning, so I am taking the chance to check the blogg. Thanks all you wonderful people who are praying for my Ingvar. It is amazing to read the comments on the blogg and all the emails, sms, and phonecalls of encouragment and support from near and far. The crisis is not over yet for Ingvar. This is absolutely the most difficult thing he has ever experienced in his life. Rest for him is like a terrible punishment. The memory is fine but he doesn’t want to understand how injured he is. And because most of the injuries are internal and invisible it becomes even more unreal. Wonderful people have taken care of us and served us in the most amazing ways. It is wonderful to have Ruth here. Thank you for praying.
Hugs Anna

Update Tuesday 27 january 2009

I have just spoken with mom and I have text messaged Ruth during the night (their night). Mom has now been able to sleep during the night and Ruth during the day. This afternoon Barbro Emilsson will watch over dad so that Ruth and Mom can spend some time together. (They haven’t seen each other for 1,5 years, I think!)

Dad has two pelvicbone fraktures that are stable. He also has a frakture in his mouth (upper jaw). This probably needs to be taken care of with surgery in a few days. Mom says that he is not as swollen in his face today, but people visiting still say that it looks terrible. Today is the third day and the doktors say that the head is the most swollen this day, but the pressures look good. Pray that dad will have patience to stay in bed. He is trying to remove his lines and tubes and feel frustrated about staying in bed. He is also in some pain. They keep the painmedication dose very low in order to check neurological status often.

When I called mom, the truckdriver had just been visiting. He told them what had happened and it helped dad remember what had occurred. There was a que of cars in a crossing. The truckdriver had swerved to the right to avoid crashing into cars in front of him that have stopped suddenly. This is why he hit dad. Dad actually asked the truckdriver for forgiveness for hitting him! (: The truckdriver is really upset because in Thailand it is the largest car’s fault. He had insurance and so not only dad’s insurance will have to pay the costs.

This was the latest news from Chiangmai Ram hospital. Thanks for the prayers!
Hugs from Mariam

Update Monday 26 january 2009

I just spoke with Mom who is very tired and needs sleem. Dad’s hip is hurting! They are still waiting for the x-ray results. Dad feels it is difficult to stay in bed and has a hard time being in the intensive care unit. Ruth arrives in one and half hour and mom is looking forward to some rest and help. We now know that it was a truck that hit him and the driver has just confessed! Even if Mom and Dad do not want to press charges, it is nice to know that he has confessed. They are grateful for prayers! Mariam

Short update... still 25 january 2009

It is so nice that so many are praying for him! I was taking this afternoon with Mom and she said that dad has been vomiting many times. They thought it might be the medication. She is thankful for friends taking turns spending time with them in the hospital. Mariam

Dad is the same! 25 january 2009

Latest news is that Dad is smiling at anyone coming to visit and recognizes everyone. He is communicating and just ate some soup for lunch. They have now come to check on a finger that is hurting as well as a knee which needs to be x-rayed. Mom has even been home for a nap. Ruth is on the train and leaves this afteroon with a flight from Gothenburg. Hugs from Mariam

a more positive update.... 25 january 2009

Dad is now in the intensive care unit. We first received the news that he would be sedated and asleep for two days, but now dad has opened both eyes and blinked as answers to questions! They are planning to remove the respirator. We are still thankful for prayers. I, Ruth, will be flying down from Sweden this afternoon. I will try the role as “policeman” so that dad doesn’t start to work straight away (as well as making sure the Thai healthcare does their job well!) Love, Ruth and Mariam

Situation Update...... 25 january 2009 02:54

Hi everyone! We have just received news from mom that dad is still on the operating table but they have now controlled the bleeding in the head. They are operating another hour as far as we know for the injuries in the face. Mom is grateful for your prayers! Ruth and Mariam

Pray for Dad! 25 january 2009 00:29

Mom called from the hospital in Chiang Mai tonight. When we are writing this, dad is on the operating table. He was in a motorcykel accident this afternoon and has bleeding in his temporal lobe behind his right eye. We still do not know the extent of the injury/injuries. He has multiple fractures in his face and even a crack on the C2 neck. Mom has received much support from friends and churchmembers in Thailand but wants as many as possible to pray! Written by Mariam and Ruth in Lund, Sweden.....

2 januari 2009

The past Year and the Year to come!!

It is a good thing, to give thanks to Father for the year which just past by:

-  for a wonderful family and friends

-  for another gift of a precious grandchild

-  for good co-workers

-  for transformed lives

-  for memories: of eyes with a sudden change from darkness to life

-  of faces changed from sorrow to joy

-  and shame to double honor

-  shoulders heavy with burdens of guilt, now standing tall and bold in freedom and hope

Thanks Father  for Heaven's breakthrough in Thailand

-  for both valleys and mountain-tops

-  for the battles and the victories 

-  for faith, hope and love, which will remain when all things passes away 

It is good to entrust the new year in Father's hands:

-  every day has enough of its own burden

- and Father has thoughts and plans of welfare and peace and not for evil, and to give us hope.

-  He is my Future and my Hope!

I might not see much of the road in the future........ but Father is there for me.
With Love Anna