27 juli 2019

True Friendship

The CHURCH with its MISSION is truly the best place for true friendship. Not because of what we do, but because of what we are. We are "one" even though we are broken, sad, tired .... or do not feel "good enough". 

We can build friendships because of what we do. Working friendship, club friendship, etc .... Yes we like each other because of what we do together. True friendship is not based on what we do. It is based on who we are.
The kingdom of God is coming, because of who we are, in Jesus' complete work on the cross. 

That we after that like to use giftings and talents to serve the Lord and the people with compassion .... is another matter. 

During the summer we meet many wonderful true friends.


22 juli 2019

Funeral Pastor Swapon Bose

Funeral of Rev Salmon Swapon Bose will be held 
25th of July Thursday at 10am PST, 

at Broadway Church Port Coquitlam,
1932 Cameron Ave, 
Port Coquitlam, 
BC V3C 1J3, Canada.
Condoliances can be sent to: deborahsbose@gmail.com
Swapon was Born 19th May 1950
                      Died 19th July 2019
Let`s keep up Rachel, Debora and Saphir in prayer these days. 

19 juli 2019

In memory of Salmon Swapon Bose

Today we received the news from Debora and Shaphir who writes the following:

Friends, brothers and partners with a heavy and grieving heart I am writing this post to let you know that our Bishop Salmon Swapon Bose is no more. He rested in peace in Jesus in Vancouver, Canada at 6pm or 7pm in Bangladeshi time. Asking for your prayer for comfort for his family and friends. Details concerning the funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

We stand with you:  Rachel Bose, Debora Bose and Saphir Bose at this time. We are many who would like to come and be with you right now.

Pastor Swapon was indeed a man of God inspiring us and leading us all forward in being brave in ministry with God. 

Anna and I worked many years very close to Swapon and are very thankful for his friendship and ministry. 


17 juli 2019

Creativity… with joy

We 3 brothers (LarsEvert, Rune and myself) met last Monday and had a very good day together with our wives (Emma, Birgitta and Anna). When Anna and I was on the way home we talked about Creativity... with joy. Skaparglädje. 

Our father and mother had a lot of Creativity… with joy and now my brothers indeed has it. We felt we got a big portion of creativity...with joy last Monday. 

To have creativity … with joy is to move into new areas that are a challenge. Something envisioned, not yet in sight, but can become a reality. It takes some time, needs talents, hard work and a good Track-Record, to dare to step into new creativity. 

To be creative we all need God`s presence and able to count on His action. He can do the impossible in the place we are living and working ... right now. Ingvar

9 juli 2019

Word...... that are lifting

I like to sit down with others and listen to God's Word and God's Music. Yesterday, I heard a sermon about: To be seated in the heavenly places, from the Ephesians. I was blessed and associated this with  ''Open Heaven''.
Anyone who finds their place, does not take anyone else's. (Tomas Sjödin)

And about an Open Heaven from John 1:51 And Jesus said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.”

It is easy for us to believe that if we can copy someone else and to have a similar position in life like someone else, we will succeed. But the truth is that if we try to take someone else's place, it becomes "place-fight". 

God's creation is amazing and we are all created as unique people with gifts and talents that works ... in their place. And when I take the place that God created for me to be on, I experience open heaven and ... then life becomes the best.

Have a good summer. Ingvar