22 augusti 2010


This morning this question was calling me: THIRSTY? Yes Lord, I'm so very thirsty.
He said: Come to me and drink. We are created with the inner drive to seek out the source of water quench our thirst. I find that often we lower our vision and seek to quench our thirst in meetings or conferences or even from man, maybe preachers and teachers, and forget to lift our eyes unto Jesus and drink from Him who has the Living Water the life-giving Holy Spirit.
Pastor Sidney (Worapong Jariyapruttipong) from Thailand is visiting our nation and also our home. He has seen areas in Thailand and thousands of peoples lives being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. His motto is prayer and fasting. Sidney and Ingvar are in Falkenberg today. He will be in a few more places in Sweden. I pray that the life giving Holy Spirit will flow in his meetings to our nation.

3 augusti 2010

Just very goooooood.....

This is good:
-Reading a good book
-under my plum tree,
-when the sun is shining
-and the wind is a gentle breeze from the sea,
-with a freshly brewed coffee,
-and a real Swedish cinnamon roll.
Love Anna