18 maj 2020


We are doing well and we are glad that we these Corona-days live right on the mission field. For many years we were travel missionaries into many countries in Asia, but since October 2013 we live and work in Ubon-Pakse, which is a large unreached area. 0.2% Christians incl Catholics. We have 300 meters to the Child Safe Center and 3 km to the Church. Everyone we work with lives around here. In Corona times, yes always, is the best to live and do mission work in the community we work in.

The Preachers word spoke to the Preacher.

Yesterday I preached: Do Good deeds. Develop your gifts and talents so you can do better… but don't forget the best of all. Only JESUS ​​can do the best. He can give the NEW LIFE to flow out with the living heavenly water. Let the mighty deeds of God make us a new creation ... in the servicing the living God. Only he can take us out of our different Lockdowns and boxes.

Yesterday after church, God's Word kept ringing in me. I got a picture / understanding / parable:

In the house we rent for the Church here in Ubon we have had very little pressure in the water pipes. And the house owner didn't want to put in a tank + pump. So last week, Pastor Boy and I went to a construction company and bought a water tank and a water pump. So we could arrange the parts, but where to put them together? And who can put together electricity and all pipes …… so everything works?

We found a good man that can do it. He connects it all. I myself can fix many parts, but only JESUS ​​can connect them so the Living Water is flowing stronger in Churches and in the society.

Thank you JESUS ​​for the opportunity we have to do GOOD and develop so we can do BETTER. Thank you JESUS ​​that only you can do the BEST, only you can connect life so our lives works for the heavenly blessings to ourselves and to many others. THANK YOU Jesus, you are our LIFE FLOWING Master.
Ingvar (Fred)





8 maj 2020

Flow from within

We can in life do a lots of good, important and 100% Biblical things. But let`s check: What are my priorities in life? Or better: Who is my priority in life?

We thought we had everything under our own control, but now many life patterns and good traditions we have built up, are shakening. 

How can we now live well? Many say; We shall not cancel. We will "re-adjust". The word that is often these days is RESET

The Bible also warns us not to forsake God, “…. the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water. Jer 2:13.

This morning I woke up with a strong “urge” to let the source of Jesus in me, flow out and down to people today. God says; “With joy you will pour water from the sources of salvation. On that day you shall say, "Thank the Lord, call upon His name, make His works known among the people. Declare His name to be exalted" (Isa. 12).

Last year, Sweden had a fantastic conference summer. I was blessed with Worship and the Word of God going out in a wonderful way. I love conferences and big meetings. But they must not become like dammed ponds in a river.

Here on the Mekong River, many dams are now under construction, especially in China and in Laos in order to sell electricity. The flow in the large Mekong River is therefore decreasing dramatically during the dry season. And during the rainy season, too much water is released so that the dams will not burst. And in this all, the farmers are suffering.

Jesus answered her, If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” Joh 4.

Jesus in me is a flowing river of living water that comes in the right time in the right proportions. We cannot block the streams into ponds/dams. If we try, we create a religion. Yes, we create slavery and suffering for ourselves and others.

Right now a lot of shaking in society is taking place. Only the Kingdom of God cannot be shaken. So dear friends, now let`s building the Kingdom of God where The Church with it`s Mission is in the living stream from God in us. Yes in us.

2 truths:

1) God has more to give. When we give out living water ... we do not become empty, for God always has more living water to give from within us.

2) The Water is Living. When we release the living water ... it always flows down to them who are most needy. Only fountains and the sun can lift up water.

These days… let us have Jesus at the center so that His living water flows in us, down to those who are most need of a touch of God.

In The Church and its Mission too, JESUS ​​must be at the center. And we will testify of what Jesus is doing from within us and through us.
Only in this way we will get through this Corona test and be

Ingvar (Fred)

3 maj 2020


..... you all dear friends for all Congratulations on my birthday.
I am very thankful and .... full of joy to have all wonderful friends. 

It all encourage me to serve wholeheartedly in the middle of the communities here in Ubon-Pakse among the most vulnerable and needy.

Be Blessed Ingvar (Fred)